27 August 2010

SISTAR - Shady Girl MV [2nd Single + Tracklist]

I like their concept!!~

After the promotion of their debut single, Push Push in early June 2010, now,Sistar is comeback with their new 2nd single album, titled Shady Girl..

The teaser photos have a concept of ‘Before & After’. In the top photo, the girls are seen with casual clothes, along with their messy hair. In the ‘after’ photo, below the ‘before’ photo, the girls have transformed, as their style is now from the 60s.

Shady Girl MV features Super Junior's Kim Heechul who goes on a date with each SISTAR member, and it also stars gagman, Kim Kyung Jin. Aww Heechul~ Check it out below!

Cred: starshiptv

For those who didn't know SISTAR's member yet, ermmm, the short blonde hair one is Hyorin and the long blonde hair is Dasom.. The one with long free hair is Bora (Rapper) and the other one is Soyou.. I like Hyorin and Soyou!! Hyorin's voice is awesome! and Soyou looks so pretty..hahahaa.. The song is still nice to listen eventhough you play it so many times..heeee :) Come on guys..Support SISTAR!! Aja aja~


01 Drop The Beat (feat. B2K)
02 Shady Girl
03 No Weak Man
04 Shady Girl (Inst.)


  1. This song cant get out of my head since yesterday. Love it! Nice song hehehe sistar jadi fav newbie girl group kte hehehehe

    hahhaa heechul so lol LOL

    xsuka hairstyle dorg ngan baju merah uh =.= cm xkena... tp suara dorg sedap, and dance dorg cute hahaha

  2. hahahhaa..tau x pe!!! kte un da ske sistar! dulu time push2 x ske sgt en..then ble lgu chronos soul uh da mle ske dorang da..

    2 rr..suara dorang sedap gler esp hyorin laa..kte ske die rmbut blonde..smart..heee..baju merah bju pramugari..lohh


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