19 August 2010

2PM Singing Thank You for Hottest! [MV]

Hhahaa..semangat nak wat 2pm tgh2 pg bute!! hahaha..alia..get ready for 2PM!!!

Our Beast Idols,2PM has recently released a very special digital single entitled, Thank You, created especially for Hottest =D Wahhh..I'm so hype!! I'm crazy about 2PM now because of my housemate!! hahaha..The song was first revealed through their first solo concert at Seoul Olympic Stadium on 31st July 2010..

Yeahh.Sweet Surprise from JYP!!! hahaha..JYP Entertainment has just released the official music video for this special track, an unexpected gift for everyone. The music video contained a compilation of various snippets from their previous concerts, expressing their true love for their beloved fans. Play it now~

Cred: 2pm

The song was meant for 2PM to express their true feelings to fans by thanking them for supporting the group for so long, even through the hard times. The lyrics are truly deep and 2PM’s way of saying ‘Thank You’.

Wooyoung's voice!! Arghhh.. So I thank you (3x) and I love you (3x)~Omo..I'm melting right now..I'm so in love with the song!! Arghh..2PM!! Hottest for ever!! and Jay Park!! hahahaa...Thank You 2PM!!


  1. awin!!!! kte upload lagu nh kat mediafire haha igt nak wat tp xde masa plus internet cacat je pagi2 =.=
    xtaw lak ade mv, yeayyy!!! thanks thanks thanks!!!~
    hahah buat pasal 2pm tym2 nak 2am XD
    lagu nh sdppppppp, yeah akhirnya boleh gak tukar lagu kat ipod. sejak menjak nih asyik replay lagu 4minute dgn suju je haha
    aaaa 2pm~ you're most welcome. You guys will always be my favvv~

  2. hahaha..bob sempat comment lg :)

    Owhh..yeke..igt azra yg upload kan!! sorry laa alia..sbb mmg smlm nk wat 2pm..xtau nk wat pe dah..haahaha..

    k..ur wlcome (3x)!! hahaha..tau xpe!! lagu secret un bez gak laa..

  3. lol 2pm, aah! aku bru nk upload, nmpk dh diuploadkn, pelik so aku igt awin haha.

    thnx alia! but hmm i guess i gta watch the vid.

  4. @awin-haha bagus la buat. tuh ar secret and yg baru2 debut nh hahaha

    @azra- hahah mesti la pantas bab2 2pm nih XDDD


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