18 August 2010

Supernova has Time to Shine [MV]

Get ready yall, its now Time to Shine! Supernova is back in korea after a long hiatus perfecting their japanese. I'm way excited! Although Time to Shine is just an EP I fully appreciate that these guys are going back to their old sound back in 2007 with a hot new tune! When I say hot, phew! Nothing can get over my biases of Sungmo & Kwangsu of course, but check out the MV below the guys transform into wayy hott spicy chicken mcdeluxes hahaha.

Supernova aja aja hwaiting~~!

On Days That I Missed You MV:

There are 2 new songs in this EP, with 2 versions of the title song "On Days That I Missed You".Choshinsung or Supernova has also teamed up with magicians the Brave Brothers on one of the tracks, and brace yourself for a reminiscence of Time To Listen 2 also included in this album! Hey, if it fits, it goes, and I still really love it.

Click for the tracks & super hot MV stills!

01 - Intro
02 - 그리운 날에 (On Days That I Missed You)
03 - 라라라 (Lalala)
04 - 그리운 날에 [On Days That I Missed You] (Acoustic Ver.)
05 - 그리운 날에 [On Days That I Missed You] (Inst.)
06 - TTL Listen 2

Supernova - Time To Shine (EP).rar

Panda says: I wish there were more tracks on the album! I can't get enough of Supernova's now. I love Lalala that was produced by the Brave Brothers. But I prefer the Acoustic Version of On Days That I Missed You much more. Of course, I'm actually happy TTL 2 is on this album, a great song will always be that. What do you guys think?


Yoonhak (Leader)

Geonil - the beastyness

Sungmo - mat rempit hahaha (ok no he just loves his bike lol)

Sungje - the pretty boy

Jihyuk - mr.sensitive

Kwangsu - the bad boy



  1. Wahhh..my jihyuk!! makin hensem dowh die!! eh, geonil cam da hodoh lak..kah3..kejam tol =p

    sungje n kwangsu so pretty lohh..lagu diorang ok lahh..i like lalala too!! catchy sket =D

    yeahh!! finally comeback gak kt korea!! hahaha..yess!!ttl 2 mmg bez!!!

  2. lol aa geonil hot gle time ttl an? rmbut die he pulled it back & it got longer lol.

    yeah i looovee sungje's new hair its so pretty, like i wish i can have it xP *watamitalkingabout??*

  3. haaa..tau xpe!! kat cni geonil hodoh plak..isk3..

    hahahaa..lawa gler kot!! ble tgk cam rmbut jaejoong un de gak..huisshhh..mne leh..pendek uh!! haram2!!hahaha

  4. aah yeh rmbut sungje is sorta like jaejoong's & karam's but shorter, color die lawa gle. it fits his super pale face lol. waat. i want super short hairr. tp stylist aku yg xbg wtheckk lol

  5. supernova cool!!!!

    lagu besh, tp dance dorg cm serabut sket hahaha


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