16 August 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100813]

Congratulations BoA for a Hurricane Venus Win!

Here's the 2nd week of August's K-Chart!

Comeback Stages ~ JQT, Rainbow, Secret.

Debut Stage ~ Nine Muses

Other Performances ~ The Boss (No One...Anyone), Seo In Kook (My Baby U), Teen Top (Clap), G.NA ft. Mario (I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better), Infinite (She's Back), Hwanhee (While Doing), miss A (Bad Girl Good Girl), Se7en (Better Together), Son Dambi (Queen), DJ DOC (I'm This Kind of Person) and SHINee (Lucifer).

1. BoA - Hurricane Venus
2. DJ DOC - I'm A Guy Like This
3. SHINee - Lucifer
4. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
5. Homme (Changmin of 2AM & Lee Hyun of 8eight) - I Was Able To Eat Well
6. Lee Seungcheol - 그 사람 (The Person)(Baker King, Kim Tak Goo OST)
7. SE7EN - Better Together
8. Cho Young Soo All Star: Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me to You)
9. Gil Me (ft. K.Will) - 미안해 사랑해서…
10. G.NA - I'll Be Back Off So You Can Live Better
11. Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi Ri Bop A)
12. IU - 찬소리 [Nagging] (with Im Seulong of 2AM)
13. Son Dambi - Queen
14. Chae Yeon - Look Look Look
15. Park Myung Soo ft. Nicole (KARA) - Whale
16. MC Mong - Hurt to the Extent of Death (ft. Mellow)
17. Taeyang - I Need A Girl
18. BoA - Game
19. f(x) - NU ABO
20. DJ DOC - 부치지 못한 편지

*Guys my 4shared is down so I can't upload the new songs, anyone feel free to help me out =)*

[100813] Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 + Win:



  1. waahhh..thankz azra!!! i thot i nak wat..but u dah wat dlu..oh yes!! hahhaa..

    congratz BOA!!! alaaa..SHINee no.3 da :(

    ermmm..sorry laa azra..i cant help u dwnld new songs coz broadband i lmbb..hahaha..but i'll try..hehehe

  2. lol welcumzz!

    lol yeah i haven't watched mb for like a month already now!! can u blieve it? lme gle x dpt tgk. *crycry* i wanna watch one before i leave, tp FT ISLAND nak comeback exactly the day i leave plak!! TTTTTT_____TTTTTTTT

    oh ok xpe i'll try to do it whn my browser is ok lol.

  3. hahaha..me lg laa..2 months xdpt tgk tv!!! xde tv kat cni!! wakakkaa..tgk youtube je..adoyaiii~

    ohhh..ft i comeback 25th aug rite?? wahhh..sian u :( xpe..tgk kat youtube je laa..hahaha...


  4. hahaha you know what, last week dapat tengok music bank.... tapi tertido dipertengahan jalan lol abg aku nak tukar aku xkasik, padahal mata aku da terpejam2.... tym miss a perform cam perasan tapi mata xleh nak bukak... penat gle tym nih... terjage je tros aku tanye abg aku, sape menang?? hahaha bukan die knal pun XD

    last week, girl's day or smtg kan?

    kalau sempat aku upload, kalau x... xla XD

  5. lol i kno that happens to me too! if i put on mb repeat, i get so tired n then i miss it. =(

    ha? last week? menang? haha mne ade girl's day no way haha.

    korg.. klw aku xsmpt bwat fti on the 25th aku tulis aw kt chatbox.. *sobsob* korg jge my fti baik2 while im away.. TTTT---TTTT


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