19 August 2010

[Video] Kim HyungJun's Fanmeeting Teaser

GDE has released the teaser video for Kim Hyung Jun's fanmeeting that will be held on 28/08/2010 today.
The teaser are featuring Kim Hyung Jun and his dog, Choco. :D

Eventhough there is no subtitle for the vid, I think you might probably understand his words.
Do you love his ending words?? LOL.. I just laughed too much with the words.

credvit vid: genesesdreament@ yt

for those who can't understand his words, here's a rough translation of his words.
(okay.. this is only my rough understanding about his words. So sorry if the translation of mine is so misleading from his words.)

Hi, I'm Kim Hyung Jun. Malaysian fans watching this, right?
This (referring to his dog) on my side, is my friend, Lovely Choco.
on 28/08/2010, Saturday at KLCC, Plenary Hall with Malaysian fans, there will be a cool fanmeeting will be held.
Please anticipate it. 
Eventhough it's nerve-wrecking and exciting, let's have a good time together, Malaysia.
Saya Cinta Malaysia (I love Malaysia), 
See You in There
 Terima Kasih (Thank you!) 


  1. hahaha nooo!!! this is gonna be such an awesome fanmeeting wtf!! hyungjun oppa is so cute! and his super adorable doggy X)

    owh man his malay is so cute!! saya canta malaysia pulak tp i'll take it! terima kacihh so cutttee~~

  2. wahhh...handsome nye baby!!! his dog like patung je!!~ hahahaa..

    alaa..x dpt jmpe baby!!! isshhhh..

    hahaha..saya canta malaysia??!! comel2..heee

    thanks for the video chibi!! nnti wat fan acc die lak k.. :)


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