01 August 2010

4minute - I My Me Mine Japanese Version MV

Recently, 4minute just releases I My Me Mine Japanese version! Before this, they already released Muzik in Japanese version..i like them singing in japanese even though I don't understand what they're singing..hahaha..Let's watch their MV~

Cred: 4minuteVids2

I think Gayoon's japanese is good..hahhaa..I like this song!! I keep singing this song lately when I'm bored and tension..My My My My I My Me Mine!!!~

01 I My Me Mine (Japanese ver.).mp3
02 グッバイ (Goodbye).mp3

The 2nd song, Goodbye is a very sweet balada song..must listen to it!! hahaha..Watch I My Me Mine in Korean version HERE :)

1 comment:

  1. HAHAha I like this version better because I can actually understand what they're saying AHHaAH


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