22 October 2010

Rainbow - Mach Comeback Stage @ M!Countdown

New image!~ Perghh..x knl langsung! hahaa..

Rainbow is coming back with a new single, Mach! They have transformed into more sexier seven women..I don't know whether this song has MV or not..If have, i'll put them later..Now, let's watch their comeback stage on M!Countdown yesterday..heee :)

I really like Rainbow's performance..they show charismatic on stage! I like A song more than Mach..but Mach is okay laaa..Rainbow Hwaiting!!~


  1. haha kte rase da boleh cam dorg sket2 weee~

    gle ar, tukar2 rmbt, png. tp yg nh lg sng nak knal dr kat A hahhaha

    lagu dorg x fav sgt. tp dance dorg sempoi and beshh haha

  2. kte knl yg leader jaekyung je..sbb die slalu kuar kat allkpop..hahahaa..yg len hampeh x igt nme un..nnti rr nk knl2..hehehee..

    tu rr..lagu mach ni x bez sgt..dancing dornag yg bez.. :-)

  3. taw xpe! kte asyik igt name jaekyung je! hahahaha tp xsure muka die sgt hahahah

    yg rap uh fav kte. igt muka die dr kat A haha

    pas2 ade r dlm 4 org kot kte igt muka hahaha

  4. hahaha..die yg slalu nynyi laa..pndek sket..

    ouhhh..kte un cam dah leh knl dah..kte da update ltk gmba2 bru dorang kat rainbow nye profile..tgk ah..keh3...

  5. hahaha i actually like the song. eh x tgk perf lg lol. i love noeul's hair! so cute nak jgak haha

  6. hye azraaaa!!! long time no see kat sini...hhahaaa..

    ohh..u like noeul rite?? haaa..rmbut diorang kat sini sume lawa2 laaa..time A je sme je sume..hahaha..

  7. awin!!! kte baru nak letak gmbr dorg kat profile raibow hari tuh, tp xsempat. hehehe thanks!

    noel yg mane??? dari A xdpt cam die =.=

  8. hahahaa..kat A kte xdpt knl lg dorang...ssh glerr..

    kat mach ni leh rr sket2 tp x igt dah..noeul yg red short hair...

  9. hemm... ske gak dgar mach..lgpon dance routine dyeowg x la snsasi sgt cam A.. huhuhu..


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