29 October 2010

4minute - First PV + Japanese Single Album

You see, Jiyoon with a long hair! heee..

As you all know, 4minute already made their debut in Japan with Muzik Japanese Version earlier this year..and now they released their 3rd Japanese single, 'First'..

Besides their title song, “First,” the single album will also contain the Japanese version of their Korean OST song, “Dreams Come True” from the drama “God of Study.” The first full-length Japanese album which includes Muzik and I My Me Mine in Japanese version will be out on 1st December 2010! So, we have to wait about a month from today :)

This is the First MV:-

Cred: 4minuteofficial

My My My first, you're my first!! Jiyoon with a long blonde hair! She's so pretty right..maknae Sohyun is as cute as always..She is singing more in this song..Ahhh, this song sounds catchy to me..really make my day today which is so boring~..hahaha..

02 DREAMS COME TRUE (Japanese Ver.)
03 HIGHLIGHT (Original Ver.)

Good luck for 4minute in Japan! Ganbatte gudasai!!~


  1. keke bkn da kuar lame ke? hahahaha da taw tp mls nak update, awin rajen gle cayalah!

    4minute lagu besh2 ar skrg... maybe sbb lagu dorg mmg sesuai dgn genre jiwa kte. remaja! hahaha

    yup 4minute, fighto!

  2. haah..da lme da..tp mp3 bru kuar klmarin kot..igt kuar 1 album..rpnyer 1 lgu je de..sbb tuh wat..hahahaa..nnti ble da kuar album diorang, kte tmbh je laa kt sni..

    haha..well, tgh xde keje skang ni..bosan duk umh hstel ni..hahahaa..

    fuhh.tau xpe!! sexy..but i like it!!~ hahahaa..lgu kara un best gak..nnti nk wat gak..

  3. hahaha omg i love the pv!!! xtgk un aah lgu die kuar lmbat haha. but i super love the dance!! first time tgk haha i wna learn XD.
    dorg serious ngn japanese debut not like using korean songs and translating. i thk its good!!

  4. hahaha..tp dance die cam sexy gak rr..tp x sesexy HUH laa..hahaha..wow! azra jd teacher dance kt sne...

    haaa...tau xpe!! yeah, it's really2 GOOD!!

  5. lol yeah after i watchd that i started learning haha, xcept part touching the butt thing haha thats so funny lol. haha agk ar bru last month teach my korean hoobaes baksucheo dance haha

  6. hahaa..omo..touching the butt lawak rr..tp cam comel gak..HAHAHAHHA!! wowww..hebat gler! tp baksucheo sng rr gak..haha..


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