08 October 2010

CNBLUE - High Fly (Lee Jong Hyun & Kang Min Hyuk) MV [Acoustic OST]

Yesterday, CN BLUE revealed a MV for Acoustic OST. Behalf on Aox's request, here is the MV to watch.

You can finally enjoy Jonghyun full vocal without Yonghwa's interruption. LOL!!

I want to watch the movie when it comes out. :D
credit to : CodeAzzurro3


  1. is there an english subs for this. i wanna watch an mv eng subbed. thanks! :)

  2. sorry missvincent, I can't find it at the momment...

  3. OMMGGGGGG asl bende ni hot gle nak mampos aku nak matii!!!!!!!!! XDXDXDXDXDXD LEE JONGHYUN YOU ARE MINE FOREVER!!!!!! XDXDXDXD thnkyu thnkyu thknyu thnkyu chibi!!! XD

  4. i saw this movie.. damn it is weird, but its nice, minhyuk & jonghyun's part is the funniest, and then there's seulong 2am in the movie too lol.


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