29 October 2010

SNSD/Girls' Generation - Hoot MV + 3rd Mini Album

Why did Tiffany, Yoona and Sunny look different in this picture??hhaa..

Any sone there?? hahaha..I know SNSD has many fans out there..Sone must be overexcited when SNSD is coming back for their 3rd mini album for this time..They released their mini album on 26th October with the title track, '훗/Hoot'..and i have read that the album is selling like hot cakes! Woww~ By the way guys, SNSD and 2AM are coming back this week..really bad timing..hahaaa..

Yesterday, the MV for Hoot is reveals..plus, Choi Si Won makes a guest appearance in the music video..He acts as James Bond here...

Cred: sment

Hrmm..I like the MV..the song is okayh to me..It's SNSD's song style by the way..hahaa..but maybe i like Oh! more..All the girls with the new hairstyles..Tiffany in blonde? x sesuai kot..it just a wig..hahahhaa

Official concept photos and MP3 under the cut :

Taeyeon (Leader)








Seohyun (Magnae)

Tracklist for the album :-

01 훗 (Hoot)
02 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
03 단짝 (My Best Friend)
04 Wake Up
05 첫눈에…(Snowy Wish)

Hahaa..no matter what, I still like the album! All the songs are different from their songs before..Besides, member Yuri wrote the lyrics for “Mistake,” SNSD’s first ever R&B ballad track. The lyrics feature the sweet emotions and feelings of a young girl..I like it..Yuri is very talented song writer..Mistake is a nice and sweet song..

Their comeback stage starting today at Music Bank okayh! Must watch it :)


  1. eceh awin, like hot cakes XD

    2am ngan snsd mmg slalo same2 un haha scandal! lol

    siwon cam hahahahah sumpah lwk tergelak2 je tgk die. mmg sesuai la sgt dgn greasy die tuh hahahaa lol nsb bek bkn donghae he he he

    i dont like their hair style and dresses =.= but i like their song! hahaha da la awin, zaman oh dah berlalu, move on XD suka gle part "noryeosseo~ neoneun Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!~ naneun hut! hut! hut!" hahaha dgn tarian robin hood dorg hahaha apa kena mengena james bond ngan robin hood nh? haiyoo sm haha

  2. hahahaaa..2 rr..scandal2..isk3..

    bia laa..ske oh gak! hahaaa..haa..part chorus die laa kan tuh..tp en, dgr skali je lgu ni, tros terigt2 k..lgu sm sume cmtuh dowhh..

    hahahaa..tau xpe..tarian robin hood tarian arching en?? ntah..de tarian james bond n robin hood gak en..plik2..


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