30 October 2010

Jay Park & Ryan Higa in Bromance!!

Haha the best news brought by Aoxora! xP Just kidding but this will make you have a very enjoyable moment..

So, RYAN HIGA best known as the biggest YOUTUBE comedian star in the world with his #1 account nigahiga has teamed up with master leadja Jay Park & Phil (i dunno who) from Wongfu Productions!

Don't know what bromance is? Let the video explain:

cr: nigahiga

Okay being a super huge fan of Ryan Higa before this, it made me way way happy just to have another addition to one of his many hilarious comedic short videos/skits, but.. this time he got Jay Park to star in a short bromantic documentary.. its a match made in heaven i tell you..

For some reason I knew in my gut somewhere these two would cross paths at one point or another teehee!

If I haven't expressed how much I love Ryan Higa, go ahead and watch the rest of his videos on his account yeah! XD


  1. I never heard of ryan higa before but man he's handsomeeeeeee ha ha ha

    lol seriously, i love bromance XDDDDD like seriously XD I love suju, 2pm gahh i miss jay bromance with 2pm baby lol move on. and i just love seeing malay boy bromance ha ha ha tho everyone else think its super duper weird lol I think bromance is so damn sweet hahahah

    justin bieber song in car just crack me up so much hahahaha i can totally imagine my friend XD

    the part where they staring at each other than laugh just so lol hahahah

    this totally made my day =DDD keep replaying over and over again. jay you look so happy =)

  2. me also never heard of ryan higa!! hahahaha..yeahh!! handsome gler die!

    aduhhh..xde pape un bromance ni..cam kwn2 bese je en..

    wehh, jay park cute gler!! hahahaa..tp asl subang die?? hahahaa..dah rr byk tatu skang..isk3..

  3. @alia - seriously?? i thot u taw die gak, sbb yusri un luv ryan higa lol. haha asl ttbe malay boy bromance lak haha.

    i kno! he's so cute that part they stared at each other lol.

    @awin - ll yeah he got hotter, he works out eh tgk video lain die he has uber sweet muscles!! lol. haha bromance wit jay park.. aku jeles kot.. haha

  4. hahaha do i have to know everything bout him? hahahahaha

    yup lol at that part... and the part where they randomly said nice hair haaha

  5. lol i dunno? thot he was ur best guy friend or watever. lol yeah im jealuz of jay getting the attention of ryan actually hahaha


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