06 September 2010

Nine Muses Profile~

I don't wanna playboy! No~ No~

Nine Muses is a new girl group consist of 9 pretty ladies..They are from Star Empire Entertainment which is the same company of ZE:A..ZE:A also consist of 9 boys..aigoo..so many to remember..Nine Muses debuted on 12 August 2010 performed at Music Bank..Their debut track No Playboy is composed by the most influential producer and composer of the decade Park Jin Young (Rain, Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM, g.o.d) with the help of talented composer Rainstone (Nobody Rainstone Remix)..They also released a mini album, 'Let's Have A Party' which consist of two songs, No Playboy and Ladies..

You can watch their MV for No Playboy and mp3 DL for the mini album HERE ;)

This time I wanna share their performance stage with you guys..

Cred: rinol114

Their performance showcased their impressive choreography and catchy tunes of the song..I like them in black outfit..so elegant and sexy..


After a few months debuted, one of the famous member of Nine Muses, Jaekyung have decided to left the group to pursue her modelling career. Her place is replaced by Hyuna.



For 2011's comeback single, "Figaro", Nine Muses perform with only 7 members because the two oldest members, Bini and Rana have quit the group to continue their solo activities.

Read more for Nine Muses Profile :-



Cred: kpopfullhd

[Former member]
Name: Rana (Nana)
Birthname: Kim Ra Na
Birthday: 26th June 1983
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: A
Position: Vocalist
Specialty: Painting

[Former member]
Name: Bini
Birthname: Lee Hye Bin
Birthday: 13th November 1985
Height: 173cm
Blood Type: B
Position: Vocalist
Hobby: Reading, Watching Movies
Specialty: Golf, Ski, Playing Janggu

Name: Lee Sam
Birthname: Lee Joo Hyun
Birthday: 5th May 1987
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: O
Position: Vocalist
Specialty: Athletics, Crafts, Fine Arts

[Former member]
Name: Jae Kyung
Birthname: Jung Jae Kyung
Birthday: 19th September 1987
Height: 174cm
Weight: 50kg
Position: Vocalist
Blood Type: 0
Specialty: Flute

Name: Sera
Birthname: Ryu Sae Ra
Birthday: 3rd October 1987
Birth Place: Toronto, Canada
Height: 170cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: A
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Hobby: Piano, Guitar
Specialty: English

Name: Lee Yu Ae Rin (Lee Lynn)
Birthname: Lee Hye Min
Birthday: 3rd May 1988
Height: 174cm
Blood Type: 0
Hobby: Ballet, DJing
Specialty: Horseback Riding, Golf

Name: Eun Ji (Violet)
Birthname: Park Eun Ji
Birthday: 27th September 1988
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Swimming

Name: Hye Mi
Birthname: Pyo Hye Mi
Birthday: 3rd April 1991
Height: 171cm
Position: Vocalist
Blood Type: B

Name: Min Ha
Birthname: Park Min Ha
Birthday: 27th June 1991
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: A

[New member]

Stage Name: Hyuna
Real Name: Moon Hyuna
Birthdate: January 19, 1987 (age 24)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: O
Specialty: Singing, violin, dancing, piano

[Latest photos]

Nine Muses as 7!

Cred: Crunchyroll and dkpopnews.net


  1. ooo patot ar nmpk tua sket kekeke plg tua 1983, ramai 1987, plg muda 1991 haha

    nama dorg pelik hahah bini HAHAHAH

    rana, bini, lee sam, jaekyung (mcm rainbow an?), sera, lee lynn, eunji, hyemi, minha

    waaa smua pakai baju same cmne nak knal =.= haha dorg nih cm model la plak

  2. hahaa..mmg nmpk tue en..isk3..

    adoii..nme tainbow kte x igt lgsg..lg ssh nk knl rainbow..mke sme je..yg nine muses ni laen2 sket mke dorang..

    hahahaa..2 rr..tp tgk mke dorang laen2 laa..tggi dowh! mmg model..pergghh~

  3. @awin - rainbow kalau tgk lame2 sng ar nak cam... kte da leh bezakan sket2 haha nine muses kena tgk byk kali dlu baru leh cam...

    @syaera - kalau ade angin mesti terumbang-ambing dorg XD

  4. @flyfonix- hahaa..yeke?? dah rse cam maleh nk hafal nme2 newbies yg girl group dah..dah rr mke nk sme..tp klo boy group kte smgt nk hafal nme dorang..hahahaa..sengal jek.,

    @syaeyra- hahaha..tau xpe!! sume kurus kering..kaki pjg2 belaka~

  5. cute lg girls generation dr 9muses nie kan hehe..
    tp lagu lady lady dr 9muses best jg

  6. @rachel-hahaaa..mmg laa..snsd muda lg..9muses dah tue2 da..tp 9muses lg hot dr snsd,diorang tggi2 model ok..heeehe..
    yupp2..lgu ladies best dr no playboy!~


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