01 September 2010

Dalmatian Unleashes Round 1 MV

Dalmatian's here!~

The 6 new members rookie group, Dalmatian has just released their debuted single MV for Round 1..They actually is signed with MC Mong’s company, Monkey Punch Entertainment..Their teaser before revealed full of mystery, shoes, and abs! but their MV features some varieties of cute and funny scenes~

Cred: dmtnofficial

I like it..It's not bad right..I'll keep my eyes onto them..hope they will make a great imapact in the next song and have a very successful future in singing and dancing!! hahaha..Keep the good work guys!! Weee ;)


  1. awin.... kte rase kte suka dorg gak. waaaa macam mane nih! Teen top, infinite, dalmation lagi aiyoyo

    hahaha lawak ar concept dalmation... dorg kena pakai baju tompok2 ke spnjg mase? XD
    lagu dorg beshhh!

    mv dorg yg mule2 uh geli hahaha

  2. hahaha..tu lahh..sume new boy groups kte ske!! hahaha..

    tau xpe..time debut perf un dorang pakai bju tompk2 gak en..lwk rr..comel2!! de sorang uh comel glerr..nnti nk wat profile dorang laa..keh3..

    lorhh..haah..jilat2..bluekkk =p

  3. eh?? lorhh..hahaha..x prasan lak..tp sebutan sme je en?? hahaa..k..thx betulkan..!!!!~


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