08 September 2010

Music Bank K-Chart Top 20 [100903]

Congratulations Homme (Changmin of 2AM and Leehyun of 8eight) for winning K-Cart 1st week of September.

Sorry for late update, tho I was at home watching this hehe Plus, I don't know the ?? part, miann....
awin : DONE! :)

1. Homme - I ate well ( 밥만 잘 먹더라) Changmin & Leehyun
2. DJ DOC - I'm This Person (나 이런 사람이야)
3. Supernova - 그리운 날에 (On Days That I Missed You)
4. Lee Seung Chul - That Person
5. BOA - Hurricane Venus
6. Secret - Madonna
7. SHINee - Lucifer
8. Taeyang – I’ll Be There (NEW)
9. Eru -White Tears
10. FT Island – Love Love Love (NEW)
11. Lee Seung Gi - 정신이 나갔었나봐 (Losing My Mind)[My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox OST]
12. Qualifications Of Men - 사랑해서 사랑해서(I Love You I Love You)
13. Davichi - 난 너에게 (From Me To You)
14. Miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl
15. Rainbow - A
16. Jo Sungmo - I’m Going to Cheat (바람 필래)
17. Seo In Guk - 애기야 (My Baby U)
18. ZiA - Laughter
19. Park Hyo Shin – I Love You [Athena-Goddess Of War OST] (NEW)
20. SISTAR – Shady Girl (NEW)

Here are the list for performances on 3rd September 2010:

Debut - Dalmation
Comeback stage - TRAX and Taeyang
Other artist - D-NA (The Boss), JQT, Goofy, G.NA, SISTAR, Narsha, Jo Sung Mo, Rainbow, Wheesung, F.T Island, Homme, and Secret.

*Who will nominate this week music bank k-chart? I personally vote for FT Island XD


  1. hello, there's this one song i like but i do not know the singers. it a duet song- a ballad-lady and a rapper..part of the lyrics ' all i need is love..lalal~' (forgot the rest haha))

    maybe..... can u check and tell me the title of the song?

    thanks very much,:D. peace

  2. its suh young eun - melting heart ;)


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