23 September 2010

SAN E Profile + Tasty San MV [Everybody Ready? EP + Photos]

San E is a 26 years old Korean rapper who debuted with JYP Entertainment in September 2010. Before his debut, he was an underground rapper renowned for his rapping skills. He even won the grand award for best rap and hip hop songs and was dubbed as a ‘rap prodigy’ earlier this year in March at the 7th Public Korean Music Awards..Wow! He is such a great rapper yah..

How did he join JYPE? Yeah, I read his interview with Star News in allkpop, he explained that just wanted to get his name out to the public as opposed to doing real hip hop music. ‘Tasty San’ is an album that was produced by both him and Park Jin Young (JYP). However, the production style of it was done in his own taste, making it the first debut album put out by JYPE where the artist created it himself.

He began to explain that his background also drew him to working with JYP. Park Jin Young has a lot of contacts with various singers in America, allowing for closer observation. “I emigrated to Atlanta in junior high. My parents still live there. While attending college at UGA (University of Georgia), I noticed that Park Jin Young worked on a lot of collaborations with American artists and realized that JYPE is a company that’s spreading out into the world, which is what brought me to send them a demo tape. Luckily, JYPE took me in last August and I’ve finally debuted now.”

San E had help from JYPE artists for his debut album such as miss A’s Min, 2PM’s Junsu, and the Wonder Girls’ YeEun.

Watch his Tasty San MV below :-

Cred: SanE

Hhahaha..well, the MV is kindda fun and exciting to watch but macam sengal pun ada juga =p By the way, I like Min's part even though she is not featured in this MV..Hrmmm, I'm wondering who is the 6 young boys in the classroom and at the same time show off their bodies?? maybe they are the trainee for the next 2PM?? HAHAHAHA..they are cute tho :)

SAN E - Lovesick MV with Sohee

Cred: SanE


The above picture shows Gain from Brown Eyed Girls backhugging San E. ALthough Gain is not part of the JYP family, she is supposedly Jokwon's 'wife' on the show 'We Got Married'. They also known by the name of Adam Couple.

The above picture shows San E dancing Heartbeat, with Taecyeon, a member from 2PM looking.

The above picture shows San E in a pink wig and in a similar costume that Jia wears to Bad Girl Good Girl performances. In this picture, Jia is doing her high kick action that shows great flexibility, leaving San E staring in horror.

The above pictureshows San E dressed in female clothes doing the nobody dance(and possibliy singing), leaving the leader of Wonder Girls, Sunye staring in horror at the side.

SAN E - 1st mini album Everybody Ready? below =D

01 산이 소개하기(Introducing SAN E)
02 맛좋은산 (Tasty San/Mountain)(Feat. Min)
03 Love Sick
04 B.U.B.U. (Feat. 준수)
05 원하잖아 (Wanting You)(Feat. JOO)
06 놀자 (Let's play)[Feat. 예은(Yeeun)]
07 맛좋은산 (Feat. Min) (Inst.)

p/s:B.U.B.U stands for Break Up Back Up is my favourite song in this album..yeahh..featuring Junsu of 2PM!!~ heheeee =D


  1. hahah sebok je, kte nye fav un bubu! junsuuuuu sedap, nyanyi english ok hahha

    eh awin, kamo upload kan yg len eh? haha

    jyp fam are love~ my fav company tho jay cased lol

    yup2 part min sgt catchy, igt x tgk mb kat rumah kte ari uh lol

    haha xthn tol tnjk body uh, next 2pm? xkot....

    hahaha gmbr2 die ngan jyp fam uh xleh bla hahahah

  2. hahahah! upload yg len?? sket2 je..klo intnt lju, smgt laa nk dwld lgu n upload..hheheee

    yuuppp2!!! kte dwld performance dia..tgk byk2 kli..hehehe..

    hahaha..maybe laa..comel2 kot 6 boys uh..mude2 lg tgk..msti trainee..

    san-e ni cam lwk2 sket en..muke da rr cam plkn tmbhn! kah3 =p

  3. pelakon tmbhn? HAHAHAHHA kejam! tp btol gak XD

  4. haha i jst started listening to this guy after watching lovesick mv. klaka gleeee. and this mv is so super crzy funny lol.

    was suprsied he's jyp, he's totally differnt. i call him like a korean young eminem lol

  5. We are the FIRST International forum for San E.Please Promote us.http://z15.invisionfree.com/Invincible_Rap_San_E

  6. @aozora- lol why so late? keke

    @kate hannah - okay, will put you in our kpop fanclub list http://effpoo4our.blogspot.com/2010/02/kpop-fan-clubsiteforum.html


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