08 June 2010

T-Max- Don't Be Rude MV + Born To The Max Album [Tracklist]

2 new members ok..heeee

T-Max is back with their 1st full length album 'Born To The Max'..Yeah,after member Park YoonHwa left T-Max, the group received 2 new members Park HanBi and Joo ChanYang, and reorganised themselves as a pretty boy quartet..I was surprised when I watched them in 4 members on Music Bank..I thought there is only 3 members including the new member Park Hanbi..hahaa..I didn't know T-Max welcoming 1 more new member..hehehe..but oh yeah, T-Max becoming more awesome now! their songs are totally powerful!! Wohooo... Check it out T-Max profile HERE along with the 2 new members profile :)

Their album title song is 'Don't Be Rude'..I like this song!!but in dark concept again..2010 is more towards dark concept eh?? hahaa..I don't care lah about the MV concept as long as they have a great song!!

Cred: TMaxForum

Wahhh..Kim Joon in blonde hair!! Serious HOT gler at the starting!! teringat Nichkhun rambut camtuh gak time Without U...hhaahaa..Minchul's hair?? hahaa..no comment..but his voice tone??!! the best lah! Hanbi is soo handsome!! and the other new member, ChanYang the baby face like! he lose 15kg right for this debuting..hahaa..congrats!!~

Haaa..T-Max also released 'Words That I Can Say' MV on 27th May..I love this song so much! you better watch this drama story with a sweet lovely couple starring by Oh Ji Ho and Yoon So Yi...and only Kim Joon featured in this MV..he acts as a HOT paparazzi with a blonde hair!! hhahaa..love it love it <3

Cred: letmegorome

Love the ending~ So sweet..

T-Max is Born To The Max!!

01. Born to the MAX (Intro)
02. 해줄 수 있는 말 (Words That I Can Say)
03. 까불지마 타이틀 (Don't Be Rude)
04. 마리(All Along)
05. 심장이 열 번 뛰기 전에(Before 10 Heartbeats)
06. 하나가 될 수 있게 (interlude)
07. Say My Name
08. 가자 (Let's Go)
09. 이런 놈이야(This Guy)
10. 나쁜 널(Bad You)
11. Romantic Blues
12. 고백합니다(Confess)
13. 원해(Want) (Rockin'Beats Mix)

Thank you very much Azra for uploading this album and also translate it to English..hehe..I haven't listened the whole album yet..I bet all the songs in this album are great! =D

Their Jacket Album Photos!! Phewwiittt!! =p

Shin Min Chul

Kim Joon

Park Han Bi

Joo Chan Yang
(Eh, He looks like Yoseob (BEAST) in this picture! Cute <3)


  1. haha yeah i thot kimjoon's new blonde hair is pretty hot! lol.

    minchul i dint recognize him performing! lol he's replacing eun jiwon's siren hair hahaha.

    i love the concept tho, its really cool. but now t-max is a..dancing group?? before they dint dance. but now they look like a matured f.cuz hihi. i thk the flags in the perf and mv is the coolest.

    my fav part in the song is when kimjoon says (in a deep voice) gabuljima(x4) thats like his only line but its the best. i dont like it on the audio cuz they autotune it, they shoulda just let kimjoon sing that part in his smoky deep voice it would be awesomer! lol

    lol welcum awin! now that u said it, u dont put the english on the songs u uploaded yeah? lol its really confusing, cuz i downloaded the code v but its only in korean title i dno wat to call it haha.

    also! awin the "words that i can say" mv is removed.

    lookin good t-max, lol but i hope they concentrate on their vocals as usual..

  2. hahaa..yeah!! minchul's hair like jiwon..patut rr cam pnh tgk je...hahaa

    oh, kimjoon said gabuljima eh?? hahaa..xdpt catch up..tau x pe!! part die plg HOT!!!! Kimjoon rapping is ahhh..cool gler!!

    ok..yeah..forgot to change the hangul to english..smgt sgt nak upload cpt2...hahahaa..next time i'll put english skali ok!!

    Haaaa..ngade tol rr...ok, i put the new 1!! hehehe..

    T-max's ballads are the best!! Paradise is awesome!! hahaa..tetibe je..=p

  3. lol k sure. lol i kno rite, f u youtube. it keeps canceling accounts more and more these days. skarang lak dorg rajin. but they dont take the porn and illegal dls on youtube. sebok je kt kpop ha..

    lol i like say yes. paradise..? eh ok je haha.

  4. minchul's hair xleh bla hahahha

    kim joon blonde hahahaha

    dont be rude nye mv nmpk cm cool, tp lagu x masuk dlm kepala lg.

    words that i can say sweettt!

  5. words that i can sweet comel gila (baru abes lepas tgk smpi abes)

    kimjoon jdk stalker/paparazi, last2 jdk baek, xsebarkan xleh bla hahah

  6. @azra- tau xpe..ngade rr youtube..iskk..eh,say yes un bez jugak!

    @alia- words that i can say sweet gler en! haha..yupp..kim joon paparazzi yg baek!! hahaa


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