16 June 2010

TOP "Turn it Up" MV Teaser Revealed!

Yup. You're not reading this post wrongly. TOP OF BIG BANG will debut as SOLO SINGER. He will be the last member of BIG BANG who will do solo activities. This 'Turn It Up' MV actually has been released in Big Show 2010 Concert. However, due Big Bang's activities in Japan, he choose to work as Big Bang as his 1st priority.

The full MV will be released on 21st June. Here's the teaser.

credit:- YGEntertainment

I love his WRONG NUMBER song than any other solo songs that were released by BIG BANG members. :) the beat is sick and the lyrics is full emotion.


  1. I remember listening to this song at the big show preview. goosh i wish i was actually there. lucky vips. its a super sick song! i was like blown away. tho it sounds just exacly as the teaser over and over again. dang yg's are just geniuses lol..

    i'm looking forward to TOP's solo. i've never heard his solo songs before. and even tho he said he wont be promoting, i hope he does! and performs! afterall thats what taeyang said at first too. but the public got both song perfs outta him! haha

    BIGBANG hwaiting! XD

  2. nampak cam interesting! hahaa..x pnh dgr lg his wrong nmber song~ aiyaaa~

    will look forward his mv!! faster2!! hahaha

  3. lagu2 Bigbang semuanya best!!! VIP + Bigbang = forever <3


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