16 June 2010

D-NA released '비틀비틀 (Stumble Stumble)' MV Teaser

Ever imagine our D-NA in rugby uniform?? And ever imagine seeing Karam's tears?? Yeah!! D-NA has released their teaser for upcoming comeback. With song Stumble Stumble, I hope they will come back as strong as their debut song. And please no autotune. Their voice is great enough that there's no need for autotune. =)

I hope they will not think to wear rugby suit when performing. LOL. Am I requesting too much?? = |

credit:- openworldent@ youtube

Their minialbum will be released on 17th!! OMO!! MINI ALBUM!! Did I read correctly?? Finally!! More than 2 songs that enough to fill my thirst for D-NA!!

And full MV please out fast!!~~


  1. haha oh yeah i left before i could do top and dna too xP.

    Not rugby la CHIBI!!!! It's AMERICAN FOOTBAL! lol. aigoooh lol. mne ade org pkai padding for rugby??

    The Football concept is awesome!!! I love them being so rebellious and counter clockwising on the soccer season now haha. DNA u crack me up.

    you kno these boys are just beasty when it comes to their concept. i hope the song is good, but is it a slow song again?? weird.

    Yup2 i agree pls dont wear the outfit on stage homies! haha gempakkk!!! I wanna squeeze them i love them so much lol

  2. hhahaa..yeah..football..kurus sgt laa dorang..pelik je pakai baju football ni..

    tp karam mmg comel!! die yg nanges en?? sedeyh je tgk...

    btw,kte da knl da dorang with the help from azra td..hhehe..yeyyy!!!


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