17 June 2010

S.E.S., The Most Popular K-Pop Girl Group in 90s!

*Requsted by jkpureaddiction

Eugene was the face of the group! waahhh~

As you can see, S.E.S. is a popular K-Pop group!S.E.S. stands for Sea,Eugene and Shoo. Along with H.O.T, it was popular in the 90s, and S.E.S. was considered the female version of H.O.T. Both groups were created by Lee Soo Man, head of SM Entertainment. The group consists of Bada, Eugene and Shoo. They debuted in 1997 with a very cool song called "I'm Your Girl" and "Oh, My Love!" became huge hits for S.E.S., and they quickly became one of the top-selling groups in K-Pop.

Through the years, the members have gone through various style and image changes, from cute to sexy to mature okayh. S.E.S. broke up at the end of 2002, and its members have gone to solo careers. Currently, Bada and Shoo have pursued their solo music careers but under the different company while Eugene is moving on to acting..Waahh, I like her acting..I watched her dramas such as Wonderful Life, Three Daddies With One Mummy (On aired now at 8tv from 2.00-3.00pm,Monday to Friday) and more dramas that I can't remembered now..too many lohh..

Let's watch I'm Your Girl MV yeorobun!!~

Cred: towhitecastle

Yeah, Eric and Andy from Shinhwa who rapping in the introduction..hehe..Eugene is so pretty right?? semua kurus je..hahaha..S.E.S reminds me of a girl group from Malaysia, Elite which also famous in 90s..their songs and melodies are so much alike with Elite..betul tak??hahaa..By the way, I still support Bada, Eugene and Shoo in their individual careers now!!=D

Read more for their infos :-


Hhahaa..every picture has a different hairstyle..Woo, I like Eugene in short hair..so beautiful isn't she?? awww! Love the first picture! <3


Name : Sea (BaDa)
Date of Birth : February 28, 1980
Height and Weight : 164cm, 45kg
Blood Type : AB
Religion : Christian
Hobby: listening to music, writing, praying
Special stage: singing, poetry writing

Name : Eugene
Date of Birth : March 3, 1981 (both)
Height and Weight : 160cm, 43kg
Blood Type : A
Religion : Christian
Hobby: Piano, drawing, photo organizing, decorating the room
Special stage: piano

Name : Sue (SHOO)
Born : 日本 ganagawaken
Date of Birth : Oct. 23, 1981
Height and Weight : 160cm, 41kg
Blood type : A
Religion : Buddhism
Hobby: Photo organizing, shopping, cross stitching
Special stage: Japanese

Cred: Wikipedia, last.fm


  1. bada unnie dah 30??!! even shoo n eugene pown??
    OMG the girls look younger.
    more than their hoobae!!
    huhu. anyway, thx awin!!
    and wehehe x pnah nak benci 3 org ni.
    compared skunk byk girl group n ader yg x same benci n suker.. kekeke

  2. tau x pe!! they still look so young and n pretty en..hehee..

    k.ur welcme!~

    tol2!! ske dorang gak!! cool je dlu2 =D

  3. haha xtaw lak ses stands for sea, eugena, shoo hahaha

    oh three daddies tuh eugena belakon ke? nak tgk ar nnt.

    haha eric ngan andy, my two fav in shinhwa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa so loveeee

    hahah elite? i love elite too, so i approve hahaha

    hahaha rmbt dorg pelik gleeee hahahahahah lawak2... patot amek gmbr yg latest dorg lepak 3 org. sorg da kawen an? shoo an?


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