01 June 2010

SS501 Love Ya MV Released! + [Tracklist]

Baby let me love ya love ya love ya..

Finally SS501 have gotten back all together! Now released their hot comeback Music Video for Love Ya! Is anyone else frickin psyched about their comeback this June 4th on Music Bank? Triple -S hwaiting! This is a hit about to break the orbital system.

The Destination EP album was released about a week ago actually due to the fact that DSP didn't want any more songs to be leaked as their previous comeback songs were. Dunno if its a good call, but maybe let's try to keep the security tighter or netizens don't be hasty!

Love Ya MV:


Daebak music video! Charisma OVERLOAD. Seriously the song itself is pretty good but that plus 5 Pretty Boys in Black is just Cloud 9!! Dance is wayy gempak! See I can't even write properly, I love it! They're still so fresh to me, I miss them all together (its like having 5 doojoons, hehe pardon for the b2st intrusion)

I think I know what SS501 style of music is now! Its been proved through their best hits of Because I'm Stupid/Foolish, UR Man, Love Like This, hitting all my sweet spots! They have a very harmonized style with the always well orchestral background and good writers to provide that necessary catchy-ness.

In my opinion SS501 have the best harmony! Because each of their voices aren't much different from each other, yet they have contrasting vocals of Youngsaeng and Gyujong. I love the entire album.. It's way off the heezy fo sheezy haha (I'm writing on an empty stomach at midnight excuse me).

Go on down for tracklist and individual concept photos!

1 - Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..)
2 - Love Ya [title track]
3 - Crazy 4 U
4 - 영원토록 (Forever)
5 - Let Me Be The One (그게 나라고..) [acapella]
6 - Love Ya [inst.]

SS501 - Destination EP.rar

Panda Likes: Heeheehee. My favorite is Let Me Be The One hands down! Its a korean cover of an english song, but something tells me its better suited as a korean song with the 5 angelic voices of SS501 singing it *sigh*..

Love Ya is good, it has that same hook thing like Love Like This. Plus the MV cannot be beastier! Dark concept never looked so good haha.

Crazy 4 U has been sung at their japanese concert stop last year. How lucky of Japanese Triple-S! Its quite 90's pop.

Forever is your basic sweet ballad, has a twang of Westlife I guess. All 5 voices join together so sweet. Does it mean that they'll be here forever?? I hope so!

Concept Pix
(click to enlarge)

Hyunjoong (Leader) - Gets Whips??

Gyujong - gets..cool hair. Actually I thought he got lacey gloves but then I saw it was just a lady touching him nuuuu!!!

Jungmin - Get's a really cool crown hat. Personally I think he has the best pix.

- Gets a scorpion.. and some handcuffs. HOT.

Hyungjun (Magnae) - Steals Jungmin's crown hat and is sad he didn't want to take his rose offering in return.

I dunno why my two favorite Hyunjoong and Youngsaeng look the weirdest for the new concept, heheh I guess I do like the pretty-kkotminam look like in the MV lol.


  1. The first pic confuse me... why do they have to wear all black plus dark hair? they look the same in one glance =.= !@#$%^&* lol mb hari nih aku kompius, asal dancer dorg mcm lg byk masuk tv hahahahhaha dah la pakai hitam jugak =.=!

    kyujong tembam hahaha comelll~

    first tym tgk mv, wow semua nampak handsome haha my roommate was like, woww they're seriously beautiful hahaha

    idk youngsaeng is your no 2? lol

  2. hahaha i dno where to put youngsaeng, sometimes no.1 sometimes 2. but i dno. haha.

    gyujong sentiasa comel looh lol.

    i love the mvvvv soooo cooool. and jihoo sunbae! u rap! hahahhaah i thot that was so funny lol

  3. hahahahah pelik gila die rap, aku gelak2 je hahaha kyujong byk nyanyi and rap kat snh, yeay!

  4. @alia- haah,kte un konpius gk smlm..dancers uh sebok je..hahaha..eh, kmu bwk lptop eh gi uitm?? roomate minat kpop ke x?? hehee...

    hahaha..baru tgk mv ni!! cool glerr!! smlm tgk kt mb ternganga okayh..lagu bez glerrr!! Wahhh..

    baby hyungjun HOT gler at first!!! Jungmin hensem laa plak!! hahaha..yeah, kyujong tembam!! comel :)

    jihu sunbae!! Rmbut die!! Fuhh..nape sume my fav ble comeback thn ni wat rmbut cm2 eh?? nichkhun,ryeowook..hahaha..except for kikwang laa..hehehee...

    the pictures are sooo gempakk!!! thanks azra!!
    SS501 is my 2nd! after BEAST!! weee~~~

  5. lawak la dancer dorg, xensem HAHAHAH da ar pakai xde lengan, nmpk lebih menyerlah hahaha

    kte xbwk laptop lagi, malas. bwk broadband je, pakai laptop roommate he he he dorg suka gak ar kpop, sikit2 je. dorg more to drama hoho

    oh btw, kyujong pakai biru, hot! lol

  6. lol yeah i thot why is he rapping?? so weird. (admittingly) aku un gelak2 jgak kot whn he starts to rap haha.

    oh yeah! magnae is pretty hot starting the song, flashback to UR Man haha

  7. @alia- wahh, bez gler dpt roommate lyn korea gak..haha..time kat matrix, kte sme klas ngan kingreen, time kte last day kitorang berparty at my room, die menari!! hahaa..mmg pndai die nari..

    @azra- yupz..I'm ur man!! wahh, HOT gler!!

  8. @awin haha wat?? kingreen un nari? haha oh yeah, she was the one yg supose to teach me the full bingeul2 xP. sbb i was too mlas to figure out the fast parts haha. cool!

  9. i love ss501.but.jungmin i love you


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