01 June 2010

U-Kiss says I Can Do It MV

U-Kiss here and U-Kiss there! I will kiss you everywhere! Okay! Last part I made up! But this MV is just a fun song U-Kiss recorded in a studio, dancing their butt off comedically. The song is for the Call for the Country OST. With a title like that I figured it was anything but fun hehe.

It sounds nothing as techno like Manmanhani or Bingeul Bingeul, the guys pull of a bright & cheery pumped-rocker sound! Dongho is unbelievably the cutest he can be here! Rocking out the most. But I don't get with such a fun song, how can Kiseop still pull off the control macho look? I'm baffled.

I Can Do It MV:

Wondering why the song is still autotuned? Me too, but I think it actually sounds good with that. Still cannot wait for the boys to drop by in Malaysia this June 19th, which reminds me I should start watching Vampire hahah how late am I?

Well I don't think my spazz battery is charged enough for me to do this, but since I'm the only one around bwuahaha you get my not-excited-enough spazziness. I'll try to find some food to give me some energy, got any frootloops anyone?


  1. weh, video hilang~ aku tukar baru huhu

    excited azra~ excited! hahaha

    cant wait to meet this 7 dorks. lol kiseop!

  2. lol oo? hehe im the worst at seeing if the vid needs replacing lol. **** youtube for removing channels all the time, suchh a pain.

    alia lets buy our faves a gift! spend more time wit them XD

  3. what dyou want to buy for them? any ideas? i dont have tym to shop!

  4. i dunno anything quirky, but cheap, something they can keep and thk is funny.

    uhh i dno wat they like cuz i havent watchd vampire yet.. wat do each of them like??

  5. I HAVENT FINISH THAT YET! aaaaaaaaaaa if you have tym next saturday? lets go shopping~ and jom buat playcard or smtg hahah calling calling awin~

  6. comel gler lagu ni!! excited je dgr!! hahaa..

    @azra n alia-
    I also havnt watchd vampire yet!! alaaa..xtau dorang minat ape..hrmmm..

    ohhh..nononono.next saturday xleh laa..nk gi kelantan..my brother bertunang!! wakakkaa..so, camne ek?? xpe laa..nnti kte msg2 n calling2 okayh girls~

  7. otay sure korg i hav sms cred now haha. so if korg nk kuar im cool wit it. haha asl korg pnye bros asyik tunang jee haha


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