21 June 2010

Happy Birthday Kim Ryeowook Of Super Junior!! ♥

Ohh~ last year birthday cake! 22 years old! He looks so young en! Cute <3

Well, I'm still in mood of U-Kiss..hahaa..yeah, but I can't forget one of the my favourite! Yeyy!! Today is Kim Ryeowook's Birthday 21st June!! He turns 23 years old today! Saengil Chulka Hamnida!! Saranghaneun Wookie oppa! Happy Birthday!! you're still forever magnae to me in Suju~ hahaha..

Ahh..This year, Super Junior and F(x) get together for the surprise party for Ryeowook!
Victoria and Sungmin doing HEART!!

After Super Junior and f(x) took part in the One Heart Big Concert recently, they showed some SM family love and opened a surprise birthday party for Ryeowook who turns 23 on June 21st while on their way back to Seoul!
The location of the surprise party was not at a typical or fancy location; instead, it was held at a freeway resting spot. Nonetheless, everyone’s mood was in high spirits, making the location brim with love and celebration.

Shindong uploaded a picture of this heart-felt birthday celebration onto his Twitter along with the caption, “Celebration of Ryeowook’s birthday at a freeway resting spot on our way back from the concert. Thank you so much f(x).”

As a plus, Shindong also uploaded before and after clips of Ryeowook being caked.

Hhahaa..Omo..Ryeowook is so cute lahh..haha..suka dengar dia jerit! aaaa!! and then he's running malu..hehehe..=D Yeah, he looks pretty after got caked!

To: Kim Ryeowook
I love your voice so much! I fall in love with you for the first sight when watching Happiness (Haengbok)MV last year! hahaa..tak tahan betul ayat =p Wish you all the best and success in singing career!! Good luck <3 Wookie jjang!!

 I found this fan video of Ryeowook! Tribute for his last year Birthday! So glad Happiness is used for this background song..hhahaa..

Kawaii :)

Hhaha..so, malas nak cari gamba lain sebab dalam video itu ada banyak gamba Ryeowook! Weee~

Wait!! I found this one video..last video okayh..serius comel gila Ryeowook..hahaha..

This video was from the show when Super Junior painting with school children on 2006..ahh, dah lama dah video ini tetapi asal tak pernah ternampak eh?? hahahaa..

No english subtitle..ahh, why did he changed form Shindong to Siwon eh?? Siwon's kiss is okayh but then Sungmin?? haha..geli tengok..I thought he want a kiss from Yesung or Kyuhyun..hahaha..


Cred: allkpop, MiszGmah@youtube, siguesenamorado@youtube, ryeowookism@youtube


  1. my mom birthday gak ari ni!!
    luper becoz tgh senggugut.
    mian omma!!
    tp ahaha.. da nyanyi for her in malay n english ver. as well korean version.
    my mom now already knows what omma means.. lol!!
    ahaha.. pastuh ckp ngan dyer luper bcoz ari tuh celebrate bday dongho.
    mmg sah kene siku pastuh.
    ahaha.. anyway,
    saengil chukka ryeowook and uri eomma!!~~
    saranghae omma. (giler tol kalo ckp bi bende nih. teringat ukiss.. LOL)

  2. hahhaa..yeke?? happy bday to ur mom!! lol..sian ur mom..chibi2..hahaha..

    siyes weyh..me also terigt bday dongho! nynyi 3 version gak en..tp cam dah x surprise coz the mc gitau dlu! sengal je.. =p

    Rindu U-Kiss..baru tgk video kevin n xander said goodbye tuh..ahh, lagi sedeyh..isk2..

  3. haha mak aku taw sejak tahun lepas kot omma tuh ape. akibat tgk jolly widow, aku un dok panggil die omma from that on hahaha lol

    happy bday ryeowook! awin's first love in kpop <3

    hahaha poor wookie kena cake, awin pun kena xpe XD

    haha video yg die nak kiss uh kte da tgk dlu, jmpa balek yeay! tuh la igt nak dr kyu ke comel sket XD donghae ke... siwon? euw lol XD

  4. awin lps siwon kiss, kangin la hahahah rndu lak kt kangin =.=

  5. .hello..juxt wanna say thank you for being an inspiration to me and my friends..XD..i really like you so much..hope to see you soon here in philippines..hope you enjoy staying here..sarangheo..

    I'M MIKEE from philippines
    i wish that you will come here in philippines at tanza cavite


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