10 June 2010

Someone Kidnapped D-NA!


Honestly I think someone has replaced Dae Guk Nam Ah with imposters!! Or another thought would be that.. that.. D-NA has changed their comeback look..?

How drastic is that!! I can't recognize anyone! uhh From left, Hyunmin?? Injoon?? (Someone kidnapped magnae Jay!), Karam?, Mika? Okay Mika doesn't looks so different. But I got straight up heart-attacked by these kids!

Looks like Chibi was right to warn us early on, after promoting for months and signing a Japanese record deal. Dae Guk Nam Ah or D-NA or The Boss is back and gearing up for a comeback this June! More specifically their new 1st Mini Album Awake is set to drop on June 16th/17th. Following a showcase and an improved concept..

I'm gaping out yo, Hyunmin's platinum blonde hair, Karam..I don't know what you're trying to tell me there. Who is that??? Is that Jay?? No wayy. I can't see any resemblance lol. Mika got a raspberry stripe in his hair now, omo another Key for me? And Injoon, my gosh I thought he was the sweetest thing, now he has skeleton pants and touching..err. With strawberry blonde hair. Wah! I'm truly amazed and shocked at the same time..

Didn't they use to look like this??

Okay actually I'm diggin a WHOLE LOT of their new concept. Gempak gile kott. Its like they've become rocker-gangstas! Like FT Island plus Big Bang! lol. I've been missing them so much I don't care if they comeback with a paper bag. I love it, HELL YA I'M READY! But oh I'm so caught off guard.. hoobaes grow up so fast.. XP

What do you think of the transformation?


  1. yay!! D-NA dah nak comeback!!!
    I love the 1st pic... ABSOLUTELY!!!CPAT LA COMEBACK!!! ^__^~~

  2. haha concept dorg cm jpn ada gak lol

    wait dna, slow2 la... nama korg un xlepas lol hahaha i dont mind their image, as long as they'll come back with awesome songs~

  3. lol haha yeap. i love the japanese thing, maybe thats why i love dna so much, they look really japanese lol. 1st pic is so sexy haha. they're babies! XD

    btw guys did u watch Pretty Boys & Girls last week? DNA ade!!! It was when XING was still a group and one of the kids are a regular on the show now right. i was flipping out! i was like omo! injoon! jay? karam! hahaha karam was so funny, mika! looked so short??


  4. hhaha..1st pic mmg hot gler..serious wehh..

    tau x pe alia!! kte un x knl dorang lg ni..heishh...

    yuppzz..if they come back with lagu2 yg gempak..of coz i'll like them!! hhhehee..


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