22 June 2010

Super Junior and Wonder Girls are Coming To Play

Since I haven't spazz or being such a great elf lately *ehem*u-kiss*ehem* ..... OMG How come I just knew about this???? MY favourite boy and girl group in one show! Heaven~ Unfortunately, not all Super Junior were present on this show. Only five of them... But the good news is, both my husband and boyfriend are in the show! Donghae and Kyu baby~ HAAHAHAHA

Watch it!

AAAAA I don't know weather I should be happy or jealous. Both of my no 1 in K-POP! aaaaaa Donghae why did you hug her? AAA But but, I always imagine both of you together. Sunye is the only one I'll approve aaa Donghae why dyou have to be so sweet???????? And why am I blushing anyway DHJFBJSBA Marry me now sdjfbjsbjsdf I swear I'll be loyal for the rest of my life XD I'm screaming and squealing, you can imagine that right effpoo? XD Btw, how sweet he's using Yesung's song as ringtone XD And I love Donghae's Nobody, can someone upload for me? =D

Part 1- Eeteuk mentioned Malaysia =)

cred : bofrox@YT

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
cred : xxxxxxxxxxxxxzzzzzxx@YT

Haven't finish watching yet. Tons of hw to do! See ya


  1. kah3!! comel gler dorang!! suara donghae time calling ngan sunye..x thn dowh dgr! geli2..hahha..

    of coz rr!! kte un akn cair klo laki wat cm2!! hahhaahahhaa...

    episod len?? huiyoohh...tah ble tah kte nk tgk ni..vampire x start lg..haishhh~

  2. hahaha bese r die memang geli but sweet wahahahah hahaa die bukan byk episode la, die cm talk show, 1 or 2 episode je... episode len org len lak dtg, cam happy together haha

    ok baru nak tgk smpi abes :p


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