07 May 2010

B2ST/BEAST- Easy and Special's Performance@M!Countdown

Aaaa!! I'm gonna miss my boys :( Easy easy girl~

Anyone there is a BEAST's fan?? Sorijulleohhh!!~ Yahhhhh!! I becomes so excited everytime I spazzing about Beast boys <3 and usually the post gonna be long!! like Aoxora with his FT Island's post...get ready guys..hahaha..Ehemm..chill chill..Okayh~ Beast follow-up song promotion will be Special!! Not Take Care Of My Girlfriend (Say No) or Easy as many of their fans hoped..

I was expecting them to promote Easy or Say No..hahhaa..and they even released Say No MV..but CUBE Entertainment confirmed it to be Special as their follow-up song..maybe CUBE has their own reason to let these boys do another dancing song as the next promotion after Shock ermm maybe because they want Beast boys to show their talents in skill of dance!! Oh well,hahaa..but I still love ballad genre from them!! Despite Holding On's performane..arghh!! Already stuck in my head ;D

Here's Easy's performance:-
Cred: moraylive3

They performed Easy the sincere version one..this version is more slower than the original one..I guess they dramatized the song with the new beat and that brought out the boys’ sincerity..The soft rap ny Junhyung that almost sounds like a whisper is more than appealing in the beginning of the song..They also changed around the order of the lyrics which was refreshing..

Waaa..I feel like crying watching this early in the morning..meremang bulu roma ok =p..Doojoon plays the piano at first..Awesome leader!! But he looks going to cry at the end..feeling woh!! Don't cry my leader~ Wahh!! KiKwang!! Yoseob!! Hyunseung!! Junhyung!! and Dongwoon at the end..Say Goodbye..Arghhh!! See that?? They have a great vocal to do ballad right!!!I'm melting.. *faint*

The original version in HERE okayh!! :)

Very Special one from Beast!!<3

Special's performance :-
Cred: MiniiSeho

Junhyung is wearing a suit??!! Smart and handsome along with his HOT shade!! They are totally awesome when it turns to dance song..I love them!! Wahhh!! The Special's part everyone is show off perasan special..hahaa..fans are going crazy there..Beast is so special!! I feel so excited and usually smiling when watching their show until the end..Don't know why..they have the aura that makes me to love them more!! hahahaa...That's why they are already spotted #1 in my heart :)

Yo! Everytime I special!!~ Soo BEASTT!!! <3



  2. Eh, Yazmin kaa?? igt spe td...hahaa..Yeahh!! <3 HIDUP BEAST! One Asian!! hahahaa...

  3. dude i cant see the vids anymore, they were removed by mnet. T.T and i really wanted to see easy lol.

    i reallllyyyy loved special cuz of my hunky doojoon haha that tan can just ohhhhh...

  4. tuh la xdt tgk uwaaaa

    ehem azra, doojoon is sooo mine :P


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