25 April 2010

B2ST/BEAST-Self-Made Mystery MV Released! [Funny =D]

Spazzing about BEAST again~ hehe..

Uhh..gamba lme..miss Hyunseung's mushroom hair :)

Hhahaa..Yeah! BEAST is the BEST yo!! The boys have transformed into directors for their self-made music video for their hit song Mystery. Because many fans had wished for a music video of Mystery, finally they made a comic version of music video during MTV B2ST ALMIGHTY Episode 3!! Haa..I haven't watched it because no english subtitles yet..kindda interesting this show..since MTV B2ST Documentary Season 1 was great and funny..you can watch all the episodes of Season 1 with english subtitles at B2STLYSUBS's Channel..


I can't stop smiling and laughing watching this MV..really funny!! hahaha..

On the 3rd episode of B2ST Almighty, BEAST decided to make their fans’ wishes come true as they had wished for a music video for Mystery. BEAST is singing about the type of curry that their old girlfriend had liked in this hilarious video.

There’s even a Bollywood concept in the middle of it which will probably crack up most of you guys. Dongwoon gets dressed up in traditional Indian clothing and does the head spinning Mystery dance. He gets more extra here at last!! Dongwoon you are the most handsome magnae!! hahahaa...Yoseob plays the girl in this music video..aha..seriously guys, Yoseob is soo cute and pretty <3

The others,okayh..Junhyung wrote the script, Hyunseung directed proceedings, Doojoon was the cameraman and Kikwang took care of the lights.But Doojoon is not here because he is the cameraman right..oh, poor leader!! Nevermind, you still the best leader to me and the best cameraman based on this awesome self-made MV!!

And it just gets better as SNSD and KARA appear as guest stars!

I love this MV !! The best MV for ever!!The head spinning is the most memorable to me.. You guys did a great job!! hihihi..so Beast!!~



  1. no make up? HAHAH that was cute!

    doogwoon is so LOL hahahhaha omg baby! hindustan part hahahah

    dojoon is so pro with the cam!

    yoseob so pretty ^^

    snsd coming out of nowhere lol and kara too! while dongwoon.... hahahahah i dont realize he was there!

    this is awesome, i dont know what to say haha

  2. terigt how we miserably sing this song kat ultrastar hahahaha

  3. hahaha i luved this! yoseob is wayyy hotter than any of us as a girl! wtf lol. and he dint evn had any makeup on. *pissed* lol.

    T-T why isnt doojoon in this mv i so saddd. but so-1 xdpt screen time lme at all lol. i thk dongwoon is super adorable in this vid! lol

    the kari cracked me up as hell!

  4. hahaaa..
    @alia-..yahh..no makeup ok!! ahh..still x lepas nynyi lgu mystery ultrastar!! arghh!!

    @azra-yeahh!! yoseob!!i'm so jealous with him!! neomu2 yeppeo!!~ <3

    doojoon cameraman lohh..hhaaha..well,my dongwoon!!~hahehe..

    yg xthn nye..siap de air mata dongwoon masuk dlm kari!! hahahaa..=p

  5. hahhaa yup!! wth that was sooo funny lol.

    nangis psal yoseob lol i would too, & hug my kari packets lol

  6. antinisa say i love so much in i like it way fun aj always look hot

  7. antinisha say i love b2st so much in i like it is cool fun in my baby ki kwang aleays look hot

  8. hey b2st i love you guys so much. but i really love is ki kwang but i really really really really like ki kwang alot. in i really like me i just wih that ki kwang knows how i feeling about him i know this sound crazy that is just how i feeling about him ki kwang in i cant what to moveing to tokyo in ki kwang iam crazy it just how i feeling about but is so much more. in poeple i know this sound crazy just hlep me out

  9. the one say hey b2st august 8, 6.29 pm antinisha harris lakey

  10. i love videos it is so funny


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