07 April 2010

SHU-I (So Hot Union Of Idols) Profiles!

*Requested by Azra

Wahh..so that is SHU-I meaning..i see..ermm..

SHU-I (So Hot Union of Idols) is a South Korean 5 member band from South Korea. They debuted on September 11th in 2009 with their digital single “Bomb Bomb Bomb”. Before that they had been training for two years together. There are high expectations for these boys - there has already been rumors about them heading in open international music market.
Their name SHU-I can translate into the Mandarin word “shuai (帥)” which means handsome!

There are 5 members in SHU-I. Each of the members have been given a specific trait they will be known for.

Insuk (leader)
Hyungjun (pretty boy)
Minho (main vocal)
Jinsuk (dancer)
Changhyun (charisma)

Ahh..I wanna show you guys their Bomb Bomb Bomb MV..since this the 1st time I watch this MV..I think they are pretty good group right?? Why aren't they being promoted as much as other groups?! Waeyo?? they have an awesome song and they all are sooo hawwt!!! =p


I only had watched their performance doing 'Please Rescue Me' song..I kindda like that song after I watched them..They are cute..heh..but where are they now?? We wanna rescue you!! hahaa..

SHU-I's pictures and members :-


Leader In Seok (황인석) 

Real Name: 황인석 // Hwang In Seok
Birthdate: 2/19/88
Height/Weight: 178cm/56kg
Bloodtype: AB
Horoscope: Pisces
Favorite color: yellow-green
Hobbies: Facial expressions, making models 
(I means like cars, transformers, that kind of thing ;D), dance (funk, popping, hip-hop, etc)

Chang Hyun (전창현)
Real Name: 전창현 // Jun Chang Hyun
Birthdate: 6/9/88
Height/Weight: 181cm/58kg
Horoscope: gemini
Favorite Color: sky blue
Hobbies: Facial expressions, acting, magic, cooking, dance (funk, hip-hop, etc)

Hyung Jun (박형준) 1989.01.26

Main vocal: MinHo (박민호) 1989.02.01

Jin Seok (박진석) 1991.01.22

Many people will be familiar with some members!!YES!! InSeok and ChangHyun are former R-eaL members..That's why I got their profile only..while the other three guys I didn't found their details..huhu..mianhae~ But, the other three have a very familiar names in kpop..hahhaa..same like Hyungjun (SS501) and Minho (SHINee/F4) ..hahaha.. ^_^

Cred: Last.fm, soompi


  1. lol thnx awin! i kno rite? why arent thye being promoted as much as f.cuz n stuf. im sure they came out the same times as beast & mblaq rite?

    my faves are inseok, hyunjoon & changhyun lol. mmg pretty boys lol.

    i thot bombombom was hillairious. but wat made me like them was Please Save me. i thk thats the title lol sumthing like that. i used to hav it in my phone for foreverr

  2. Hhahaa..yupss..in Sept same times as my beast n mblaq..maybe bcoz they can't dance like beast and mblaq..but yeah..They are pretty boys!

    Changhyun!!<33..I hope they will make a comeback soon..huhuh..

    Please Save/Rescue/Help Me is a nice song though..hahaaa..

    U r very welcome dear~ =p

  3. cop, nih group yg mane >.< yg er yg thn lps yg ermm aaa blur, yg kte suka yg mane? hahahah blur gle =.=

  4. So hot union of idols?? haha..tp skang tetibe ilang cm2 je..hahaha...

    alaaa..kmu ske yg vokalist minho tu rsenyer..thn lps je dorang de..hhuh..

  5. omg! former R-eaL members?? like park sangil from Ulzzang shidae! omg! it is! hahahaa. inseok & changhyun are veryy pretty lol. like sangil haha


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