12 February 2010

Typhoon is Over..

Its time for some sad news, why do i always have to come up with the bad news? Well all i can say is 'this is important to me!!' hehe . But it is quite sad for me, maybe i like to be sad..? K i'll talk to a shrink later.

It's been announced that Typhoon, my favorite mix group will be breaking up after 4 years. Members Lee Kyung, Ji Hwan and Woo Jae have decided to go their separate ways.

January 28th was the release date for their last single album Goodbye… Typhoon with their last track Destiny.

A representative of the group stated, “With their latest single, Typhoon has decided to disband. All members will separate careers and plan to unveil their new transitions.

In my opinion this song Unforgettable Love/I Miss You My Love is  Must Listen on my list of Top 10 ballads ever in the entire world! (minus my biasedness of fti songs..)

I don't know why they even mentioned Solbi, she admitted herself Typhoon was just a stepping stone to her future solo career when she left the group in 2008, but due to what she wanted herself, she seriously disregarded the other members and they were unable to continue as a completed group.

Well i actually started liking the group after Lee Kyung filled in her shoes. I didn't even know Solbi was a part of the group heheh.

I personally don't understand it, they were doing really well actually as a group, maybe not so high in the popularity charts like Lessang, but still good. I don't have any interests in their solo acts though, i don't think it would be in any way the same as before.

One day turning on Music Bank I caught this song after the title disappeared, and i thought "wow, what a cool song". I researched my ass off for this song forreal, it took me a while to find it, but it was extremely worth it.

Here's their 1st Track that made them famous: Typhoon - So
(Has Solbi's vocals which make it bleh for me but i do admit its really good.)

*Cry**Cry..* * Cry some more.. it sounds like unforgettable love though..=P* TT^TT

note: (I thk i have to write this for every post i do now haha) i am not an anti of solbi ^-^


  1. I dont even know solbi was in group, and i dont even know whats typhoon is hahaha

  2. lol listen to their music its quite cool, i swear you'll like it. T.T im so sad..


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