17 February 2010

KARA's Lupin - 3rd Mini Album + [Tracklist]

Yaayy.. I'm so happy today after what had happened with yong- never mind, don't let me dampen your mood.

Coolies! Kara's 3rd mini album Lupin is finally here! My review goes well these 5 songs don't suit the concept very much, maybe except for track 3 - Lupin, it's probably the darkest one in the album but that's not exactly reaching the margin line.

Other songs like Tasty Love, Rollin', Umbrella are more to cutesy pop & their natural KARA concept. Lonely is actually the first ballad I like from KARA so anyways enjoy!

KARA Lupin - 3rd Mini Album

01 KARA - Tasty Love
02 KARA - Lupin
03 KARA - Umbrella
04 KARA - Rollin'
05 KARA - Lonely


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