26 January 2010

BIG BANG's Electric Love Tour Japan

Who (da eff) needs chocolate love when you got Electric Love? lol sorry i couldn't help myself guys. My forever favorite hip hop crew Big Bang is finally branching out to touring overseas! Eyh, so Japan is only like 30 minutes away, but at least its a different country.

The Electric Love Tour is a series of concerts on various dates from February 10th-16th. Goosh, japan's so lucky aren't they just? I wish i was living in japan, it'd be so much easier to go broke there than here lol.
Recently a video promotion of Big Bang and this upcoming Electric Love Tour aired in Japan. Wee, yes i'm going to show you the video be patient! Though, (dumdumdum) The video also states that some of Big Bang’s past concerts, such as G-Dragon’s controversial Shine A Light Concert will also air soon in Japan? *doublegasp!*
Since it was so controversial why are they showing it to other countries? I admit Japan has a high tolerance value, but what if they disapprove? I don't want my baby G-D to get busted for it again T.T.

Anyways, these boys are seriously pushing the limit as there's no to dilly dally this season for Big Bang as their Korean Concert 2010 Big Bang Concert Show will be held next week. They’ll have a little more than a week to chillax before going to Japan.

cr: under7nacs

YG Ent. can be quite demanding and also keep such tight measures on these boys, in order for them to succeed at a higher level, not even 2NE1 or BB often themselves in variety shows.
Except for the Family Outing Show, the last time i saw any of them was Seungri on Star Golden Bell early last year. I hope these boys get down time they need, but i'm happy as long as they're happy, i'm not demanding anything outta them at the moment..
Stay tooned for when i scream out a blogpost when i need them *-*


  1. i dont understand japan =.= but the last part was cute XD

  2. good to kno im not the only one psyched haha.
    gd is crazy awesome


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