28 January 2010

cn blue's jonghyun sing i will... forget you. wait, don't!

cred : codeazzurro3

그럴 겁니다... 잊을 겁니다...

fyi, this is fancam... I just wanna ask, where did he/she buy this camera aaaa the quality is soooooooooooo good O_O i want one XD

anyway, wow jonghyun can sing haha they should let him sing more instead of rapping XD i still love yonghwa tho XDDDDDDD

azora, your boy XD awin too XD


  1. yes my boo! awh, i like the english version, bcz like i said the korean version is completely different! ill put up the eng ver anyways lol.
    this is actually my fav slow song outta them, i thot yonghwa sang most of it, but then later i realized it was my jonghyun oppa!

    now i like his voice better than yonghwa cuz i kept thking his voice was yonghwa's haha silly mistake! his voice is way better than yonghwa XP.


  2. hahaha..
    i n azra byk ske org yg sme laa!!
    same taste!! yeah!


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