31 January 2011

MBLAQ - Cry and Stay MVs + BLAQ Style Album

HAHAHAHA..Since I'm in holiday, I have to update moreeee right..yeah, I will update as much as I can..hahaha..I'm still wondering why Azra didn't post about Mblaq..cehh XD

Mblaq in acrobatic!~

Just so you know, they delayed their November 2010 comeback to January 2011..Haa, 'Chic Idols' Mblaq has made their comeback this early January with their 1st full-length album, BLAQ Style..The album contains 13 tracks including Oh Yeah and Y in remix version..As for their comeback, they released Cry MV as the title track and then after a few days, they released Stay MV..The two tracks have different melody and concept, of course :)

Cry MV :-

I love this song so much..the choreography laying on the floor is so cool..hahaha..I don't know, my friend doesn't like this song..this is the best song from Mblaq, I think..heee ;)

Stay MV :-

Yeahh!! This song is so Mblaq!! =D

Overall, I love both songs! Cry is more to slow R&B song unlike Stay is an upbeat song..and haa, I almost forgot..all the Mblaq members are too HOT now! Cheondung looks more matured and handsome! hahaha..Mir too! plus oh my Seungho..iskk, his new hair makes him looks chubby lahh..HAHA

Credit to jtunecamp@youtube

More BLAQ Style under the cut..

01. Sad Memories (Intro)
02. STAY
03. Cry
04. Darling / 그대여
05. Throw Away / 버린다
06. Rust / 녹
07. Tonight
08. Wish You Hadn’t / 이러지 않았으면해
09. You’re my +
10. Rolling U
11. Oh Yeah(C-Luv & Blue Magic Remix)
12. Y (JR GROOVE Remix)
13. Different Beginning / 또 다른시작 (Outro)

Love <3 the album! MBLAQ Hwaiting! :)


  1. Cry best ke? mcm tak je haha Y ar plg besh hahaha

    serius dlu xsuka pun lagu2 dorg nh. start suka ble tgk leejoon dr stay kat oh my school =D

  2. best laa cry..stay pun best gak..hahahhaah!:)

    oh my school xtgk laa alia..nnti kte dah abes sem, nk sedut oh my school! hahahaa


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