31 January 2011

Infinite - Before The Dawn MV + Evolution EP

Yeayy!! Inifite is our new header!!! hahahaa..

Smart deyh this picca :D

Do you guys still remember the slamming guitar dance?? Yeah, it was their debut song, 'Come Back Again'..Dashi dorawa, dorawa, dorawa!!~ hehe..I love them but still, arghh..can't recognized some of them until now..hahaha..lol XD Most of them look similar except for sung gyu,the leader and Dongwoo,the rapper..The others I don't know who is who..It is very confusing to differentiate them just like Teen Top boys..hahaa..blank =__=

Hahahaha..They having their comeback this early January with a new mini album, Evolution. They released Before The Dawn MV..By the way, the MV have strong violence scenes and luckily it doesn't get banned..Just a fighting only..no big deal laa..hahahaa =p

Cred: BunBamBii

Yeah,I get to know Woohyun and L here as they are the main actors in the prison!~ hahaaa..I hane been trying to understand the MV and finally I have found one explanation what is the MV all about..I hope you will understand..

"Woohyun and L are stuck in a "prison," which represents their obsessive love for the girl. They are kept prisoners of a mysterious man (the "prison holder") which represents the strong hold the girl holds them with. They both try to escape, but realize only one can escape. They fight, but in the end realize they have to work together to get out. They try to find an exit, but they are stuck within the girl's clutches forever."

Thanks to Th1rt3enXGNa @ youtube for the great explanation! :)

Check it out Infinite's profile HERE..

Hrmmm, Infinite's comeback outfits and styles are same alike U-Kiss - man man hani, I think so..hahaaa..the red/pink hair reminds of Dongho ( maroon sikit kan) and the blonde is Eli..hahaha XD

01 Intro (Evolution)
02 BTD (Before The Dawn)
03 Can U Smile
04 Hysterie
05 마음으로.. (Voice Of My Heart)
06 몰라 (I Don't Know)

The tracks are so awesome!! You should listen all of them! It's worth it :)  I keep listening to this album almost everyday..Infinite is totally in my top list now..heheee


  1. awinnn!! you forgot to mention the awesome scorpion dance hahaha the dance that catches my eyes and heart. turning point suka infinite! go go infinite!

  2. I love infinite :D
    I hope L gets back the hairstyle he ha in BTD. i love it :D


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