01 February 2011

Seungri (Big Bang) - VVIP & What Can I Do MVs [Mini Album]

Seungri dgn mke bangga dia..HAHAH =p

After G-Dragon & TOP made their comeback, now it's turn to the next member of Big Bang, Seungri (VI)!! He is a magnae of Big Bang..and ahhh, please remember, Big Bang's comeback is on 24th February!! Can't wait for their comeback in Korea after 2 years break :)

Having released his album and performed comeback stage on M!Countdown, YG Entertainment has finally revealed Seungri's MVs on 20th January..Two MVs released in one time! Go and check it out now~

Credit to BIGBANG @ youtube

Hahahaa..Alice In Wonderland! Lol, that girl is so cute! Oh my, this is the first time I think Seungri is handsome..haha..well, I seriously thought they are the real Big Bang members at 0:35, haha..kyaa~ they are all Seungri dressing like each of the member with their own pose..hahahaa..such a playful magnae XD Oh oh oh oh oh..

Gahh..I want the VI key ring!!~

Seungri's comeback photos below :-

02 What Can I Do
03 Open Window (Feat. G-Dragon)
05 I Know (Feat. IU)
06 White Love
07 OUTRO (In My World)

His duet with IU is the best! hahaha <3 Seungri did a good job in this album!! It was a great mini album!! =D

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  1. i love both these songs and mvs!! love baby seungrii XD


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