19 February 2011

Dalmatian - The Man Opposed + Lover Cop MV's [1st Mini Album]

Gambar atas yg ke-3 sumpah mcm Micky Yoochun! hahaha..That's Dari right??hah

Dalmatian woof woof's time now! Hahaha..I've been waiting for them for so long! They have finally released two MVs for this comeback along with their 1st mini album consist of 7 tracks including Round 1 song =D That Man Opposed/Not Him MV is a cute concept and the Lover Cop MV is more to dance concept however both songs are almost the same for me..It sounds like Round 1..But I still love both songs! It's quite cool and nice :) My type, of course..

Cred: dmtnofficial

Aigoo, the 3 youngest; Youngwon looks soo cute with blue hair!! HAHAHAH! Wahh, my fav Jisu!! Your voice is the best! Yeah, his face and voice reminds me of 2PM's Junsu..hahaha XD Drama with the dog..Cute! Okayh, the 3 elders; Leader Inati, Day Day, and Dari are very cool in here..Inati and Day Day's rap! ^^

Lover Cop's under the cut :-

Kyaa~~ Love love love this song! I'm your lover cop! Dalmatian Hwaiting!!~ I'll always support you from the back! Cewahhh, hahaha..do support Dalmatian okayh guys! They're great in singing, dancing and good looking too ;)

01 Lover Cop
02 그 남자는 반대 (The Man Opposed)
03 Lost In Love
04 Really Really (Feat. 소현 (4Minute's Sohyun))
05 Real Eyes
06 Home Run
07 Round 1 (Bonus Track)

Love the album! <3

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