14 February 2011

Infinite & Teen Top on KJE's Chocolate!~

Wowww!! I'm totally love Infinite and Teen Top after they released their comeback songs last month..You can see that Infinite is popular with their 'scorpion dance' and Teen Top with their 'bad boy city dance',I think so..They appeared on this week episode of Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate..MC Kim Jung Eun then suggested a dance battle for Infinite VS Teen Top! Who is the best?!

cr: sbsmusic

Hhahaa..I love both groups! but I choose Infinite the best! They dance Come Back Again's choreography =D Teen Top make a great dance battle too..After the battle, Teen Top said they have been preparing for that since yesterday while Infinite said they have only started preparing two hours ago..hahaha..Infinite jjang!! ^^

Not only that, they have make a collaboration cover of H.O.T's Happiness ! 3 members of Teen Top combines with 3 members of Infinite to become 1! You must watch this! It's so cute ;)

Cute right?? Hahahha..Woohyun, Dongwoo, Hoya, Niel, Chunji, and C.A.P! You can see their friendship there..Awww~ cute! My top favourites from both groups are there! Excited ^^ Woohyun's voice is the strongest..Chunji ahh so adorable..Hoya is singing, at last :) Love this performance and the song so much!! <3 Happiness/Haengbok is our national anthem song right Alia and Chibi?? hahahaa..

Credit: CrazyCarrot360@youtube

1 comment:

  1. hahaha national anthem song XD rindu gleeeeeee nak nyanyi ramai2 =.=

    yup woohyun's voice is the strongest. hoya boleh nyanyi wohooo! slalo rap je haha they should let all of members both infinite and teen top sing more!

    aaa comel gle 2 group nh same2. cap sama baya dgn L = sama baya dgn kte wohoo!!!

    infinite mmg seragam abes dance dorg ^^


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