12 February 2011

5dolls Releases "Lip Stains" MV feat. Jay Park! (Part 1/2)

Co-Ed School’s female sub-unit group, 5dolls, has finally released their debut MV featuring Jay Park..Their title track, “Lip Stains,” was produced by Brave Brothers..The new member, Seo Eun Gyo and Chanmi featured as the main actress in this drama version..Yes! Love drama version! They are participating in a dance battle to capture Jay Park’s heart <3

Cred: coremidas

Erkk..to be continued??! Hahaha..I'm so happy to see Jay Park in this MV! Miss his dancing! hahaaha..Well, it's a nice song..Oh, it sounds a bit like Sistar's How Dare You song..The story line is very common but it's still interesting..Eun Gyo is a great dancer..You did a great job girl! I know the ladies of Co-Ed School will never disappointed me..But I'm kind of sad that I don't see the other girls :( hehe..By the way, she and Jay Park is very sweet~ Definitely can't wait for Part 2 and their comeback stage ^_^

01 입술자국 (Lip Stains)

Still have no idea who is who? Read more to see their single photos :-





Seo Eun Gyo

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