04 February 2011

B2ST's Beautiful + IU's Good Day Parody ^^

Ahh, Yoseob and Dongwoon ♥

Hahhaaa..the famous gagwoman, Jung Juri parodying Good Day by IU and Beautiful by B2ST on her performance for KBS 2TV’s “Lunar New Year Global Star Blue & White Match.”..HAHAAHHAHAA! You should watch this now! So funny on how she attempts to reach the 3 octaves thing XD

Cred: miyachant

The beginning is cute only Yoseob and Dongwoon..ahahaa, I can't stop laughing afer Jung Juri entered and start to harass Dongwoon and Yoseob..Oh my boys :( They look adorable! hahaha..I can't stand looking at Juri's frightening face when she is laughing..hahaha..the 3 octaves thing?? hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahaaa...Juri is the best! =p


  1. hahahaha juri the best! hahahaha poor yoseob and dongwoon, my babies =.=

  2. alaaa..mls nye nak cari blk..biar je laa..hahahhaa


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