19 February 2011

Kan Mi Youn - Paparazzi MV + (WATCH mini album)

Kang Mi Youn is back in the scene this time with another saucy concept. The mini album WATCH consists of about 4 main tracks including Crazy ft. Mir of MBLAQ from 2010. Although I have no idea how old she really is, she doesn't seem to fall in the trap of going "too young" or "too old" but just in the good middle.

I really like the Paparazzi ft. Eric MV (파파라치 (feat. 에릭) starring Kim Hyung Jun magnae of SS501! But owh dear magnae u look a little chubby hihi its okay I guess lol. The MV is seen before but still entertaining, I dunno why but I think I like the dance as it super fits the catchy song! Check out the Sunshine MV featuring Junsu of 2PM too HERE.

Paparazzi ft. Eric MV:

WATCH Mini Album

01 - Sunshine (duet with 2PM 준수)
02 - (Paparazzi feat. Eric) 파파라치 (feat. 에릭)
03 - (Stupid Woman) 바보같은 여자라 (feat. 방탄소년단)
04 - (Crazy feat. Mir of MBLAQ) 미쳐가 (feat. 미르 of 엠블랙)
05 - Sunshine (Inst.)
06 - (Paparazzi) 파파라치 (Inst.)
07 - (Crazy) 미쳐가 (Inst.)

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