10 February 2011

Jewelry Profile + Back It Up MV

Name: Jewelry (쥬얼리)
Year Debuted : 2001
First album : Discovery
Korean Albums: 6 Albums (2001-2009)
Company : Star Empire Entertainment
Hit Song: One More Time (2008)

Former members :-

Park Jung Ah  - Main Vocalist & Leader (Left in January 2010)
Seo In Young - Lead Vocalist (Left in January 2010)
Cho Min Ah  - Vocalist (Left in December 2006)
Lee Ji Hyun  - Vocalist (Left in March 2006)
Jung Yoo Jin  - Vocalist (Left in January 2002)
Jun Eun Mi   - Vocalist (Left in January 2002)

As far as I know, Lee Ji Hyun and Cho Min Ah left Jewelry to involve in acting industy.. Where as Park Jung Ah and Seo In Young is leaving Jewelry to do solo activities..Jung Ah and In Yeong quit Jewelry after their December 2009 "Love Story" promotions :(

On June 14, 2010, it has been announced that Semi, one of the Top 10 finalists in Superstar K Season 1, will be joining Jewelry. Jewelry is not complete with three members right so on January 19, 2011, it was revealed that Jewelry's fourth member, Yewon, had joined Jewelry. Yewon was revealed by fans through a 'Jewelry Puzzle Game' and she is the trainee under Star Empire Entertainment for four years. Okayh, now Jewelry has Eunjung, Baby J, Semi, and Yewon!~ and then they have finally released comeback song, 'Back It Up' along with the new members..

Yewon and Semi

Read more to watch Back It Up MV + Members profile :-

Cred: MSKpopUploader1

As for me, this song is very fun and I like the MV so much..It's very different from their old songs..Some of the listeners told that this song is sounds like Secret-Shy Boy..hahaha..I totally disagree with these people..I think Shy Boy by Secret is more way fun and addicting..No matter what I still like Back It Up! ;) As of 2011, Jewelry is the longest running Korean girl group ever! I will support them, please do not disband yeah ^^



Baby J
Birth name: Ha Joo Yeon (하주연)
D.O.B: 16th June 1986

Birth name: Kim Eun Jung (김은정)
D.O.B: 28th November 1986

Birth name: Kim Ye Won (김예원)
D.O.B: 5th December 1989

Birth name: Park Se Mi (박세미)
D.O.B: 8th October 1990

[Former Members]

Seo In Young

Park Jung Ah

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