21 January 2011

G.Na - Black & White MV

G.na is back in this January 2011!! The solo singer that is produced under CUBE Entertainment, the same company with BEAST and 4Minute released her first full length album with few songs from her first single.

The song that she's currently promoted for this early half year of 2011 is "Black & White". Check it out the cute side of G.na along her already well known sexy figures in the MV that features 2AM's Jinwoon!

For me, I love the pairing as they look adorable together. :) Thumbs up to their acting role in the MV!

credit: 9gnaofficial @ youtube

And special for you!  A track from her full album that interest me and wants to recommend it to you guys. She's great with any kind of song, I think. :)

Click 'Read More' to watch G.na - I Miss you already track with english sub for better comprehend. :D

The song is sweet and painful in the same time. Suitable for when you're in emo. LOL!
credit: gnaofficial @youtube

01 Black & White
02 이제 그만 화 풀어요(Now Stop Tues Snowshoes) (With junbeom, Hyeongyu &  Hyeonseok)
03 처음 뵙겠습니다 (with Wheesung) (Nice To Meet You)
04 벌써 보고 싶어 (I Miss You Already)
05 첫눈에 한눈에 (feat. Verbal Jint) (At First Sight, At A Glance view)
06 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아 [feat. JunHyung]
07 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일 [with Rain]
08 Supa Solo [feat. Swings]
09 Loving You
10 소문났어요

Tracks #6 - #10 were from her debut mini album last year, Draw G's First Breath.


  1. wahh!! jinwoon ensem gila!! yeahh!! diorang sgt sesuai..comel2!!

    rmbut g.na always cun!! plg ske rmbut dia time supa solo laa..hahaahaa..

    best gak lagu ni!! ske2!!

    eh, kte dah ltk mp3 skali ok :)

  2. aah la awin, sejak ble jinwoon handsome cmtuh???? HAHAHAHAHAHAH serius hensem gle hahahaha smart2

    g.na nh tggi, kurus gle lak uh wohhh

    igtkan lagu nh rancak gengster rupanya comelll :DDD patot la boleh mng kchart, besh!


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