20 January 2011

Teen Top - Supa Luv MV + Transform EP

Hey guys~! Been so long from us, didn't?? anyway, just a quick update before class starts. After short hiatus from last year, Teen Top comes back to the industry with new song called Supa Luv take from their single Transform.

We know lots of you must have watch this but yes, this song is catchy.
I thought at first, my first about the song would be bored. But after watching them performing live with the dance. Okay!!!~~ THE DANCE IS COOL!! And eff awesome!!^^

Anyway, enjoy!! Oh damn, the dance is like when you're in a club and dance along with the music. Like DJ STYLE~ I really want that dance at chorus.

Shout out to pretty Chunji and L Joe!!~~ Seriously, you need to dig this song. :)

credit to: teenzontop@ teentop official youtube

01 Transform

02 Supa Luv

03 Angel


  1. eric! what are you doing there baby? lame xnmpk hahaha sumpah terkejot nmpk die kat mv nh XD

    eh jap bukan teentop smua kaler rmbt silver ke? haha asal ade merah gak. cm infinite pulak XD

    hahah cool gila dance dorg. esp part bahu angkat uh hahaha

    cap, lawak gle rmbt die ade highlight biru haahah

    catchy gak lagu die. laen gle dr clap dlu hahahhaa

    kalo rajen nnt aku letak la lagu...

  2. hahahaa..ske gak lagu ni!! 1st2 dgr mmg sumpah mympah gler!! pas2 lme2 cam addicted gak..dgn tarian 'Y' dia and part "oh oh oh" part bahu tuh laa en..COOL GILAAAAAAAAA!!!

    Cap hensem gler laa..L.joe so pretty!! dah tgk diorang nye m!net scandal!! hahaha..

    kte ske Cap!! yg lain ske gak..niel plg byk nynyi en..lg sorang chunji eh yg byk nynyi?? still confuse antara chunji, changjo and ricky..sme jek mke dorang..haihhhh..

  3. OK! done with the mp3s..HAHAHA..dah mle semangat nii!! heheheh


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