06 December 2010

BEAST / B2ST Profile

*requested by 2 anons and Athirah

Since I'm rarely write and I don't have any idea what to write too (LOL!) , maybe awin would let me do their profile and other profile? Pwettyy Please?? **wink wink**

HOO.. yeah!! Chibi is writing. Finally!!XDD

Mostly will be taken from Soompi, so credit to Soompi forum first. But I'm doing mostly the writing so don't worry. :D

BEAST (비스트 - pronounced as 'Biseuteu' ) is abbreviated from Boys of The East Standing Tall. Before their former name, B2ST , short name for Boys To (2) Search For Top. The group consists of talented, charismatic, dorkiest, funniest, and full of 4-Dness side of six members. They are under Cube Entertainment, which is the same company with G.na and 4MINUTE.

Debut Showcase: October 15, 2009
Debut Stage : October 16, 2009
Debut Song : Bad Girl
Official Fanclub Name : BEAUTY / B2UTY
*thanks nurmyra for correcting the name.

Click more to know about them!! ^^

Name : Yoon Doojoon | 윤두준
Nickname: 3 sec sharing
Education: Kyung Hee Cyber University
Group Position : Leader, Vocalist
Date of Birth : July 4, 1989
Height : 179cm
Weight : 66kg
Trained in : JYP Entertainment & Cube Entertainment
Blood Type: A
Specialty: Vocal/Rap/Soccer
Hobbies: Listening to hip hop & R&B, soccer, and playing games.
Misc Info: He was first appeared on Mnet's Hot Blood documentary as one of the candidates for JYPE group One Day. Currently he is one of the rappers for AJ?s Wiping the Tears.

Name : Jang Hyunseung | 장현승
Former Stage Name: So-1
Nickname: Rancho
Group Position : Dancer, Vocalist
Date of Birth : September 3, 1989
Education: Anshan Information Industry High School
Specialty: beat box
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Web surfing and bowling.
Height : 176cm
Weight : 58kg
Trained in : YG Entertainment & Cube Entertainment
Misc Info: He was eliminated from YG group Big Bang in the ninth episode of their documentary.

Name : Yong Junhyung | 용준형
Original Name : Yong Jaesoon | 용재순
He changed his name into Yong Junhyung during his 6th Grade.
Stage Name under Xing: Poppin' Dragon
Nickname: yonggun
Education: Anyang Arts High School
Specialties: Dance
Blood Type: O
Group Position : Rapper
Date of Birth : December 19, 1989
Height : 179cm
Weight : 64kg
Trained in : XING Entertainment & Cube Entertainment
Hobbies: writing lyrics, watching movies, and dancing.
Misc Info: He was first debuted with group Xing and he rapped for AJ's Wiping the Tears.

Name : Yang Yoseob | 양요섭
Nickname: 양요, endorphins, siksin
Education: University of East Broadcasting Arts [absent for about 1 year]
Specialty: beat box, jalmeokgi
Blood Type: B
Group Position : Main Vocalist
Date of Birth : January 5, 1990
Height : 174cm
Weight : 56kg
Trained in : JYP Ent. & M-Boat & Cube Ent.
Hobbies: Writing lyrics
Specialty: Vocals
Misc Info: He was AJ's high school friend.

Name : Lee Kikwang | 이기광
Group Position : Main Dancer, Vocalist
Nickname: Ace Jr., Holly 2
Education: Seoul Absence of Comprehensive Art School
Specialties: dance
Hobbies: watching movies, sports, and dancing.
Birth place: Seoul
Blood Type: A
Date of Birth : March 30, 1990
Height : 170.6 cm
Weight : 58kg
Trained in : JYP Entertainment & Cube Entertainment
Trainee Years: 4 years under JYPE
Favorite Singers: Taeyang, Omarion, Usher
Misc Info: Originally debuted as solo artist.

Name : Son Dongwoon | 손동운
Group Position : Vocalist
Nickname: Sonseuko, 16 D
Education: High School hanyoung
Specialty: Piano and traditional chinese
Blood Type: A
Date of Birth : June 6, 1991
Height : 181cm
Weight : 64kg
Trained in : JYP Entertainment & Cube Entertainment
Hobbies: lyrics writing and reading
Misc Info: Long-time JYPE trainee. Teased jokingly by fans for looking Thai, especially around 2PM's Nichkhun,who is said to look more Korean than Son Dong Woon.

So, here is the debut song of BEAST.
credit: beastofficial @youtube

Currently, they are busy with promoting their 4th mini album, Lights Go On Again, the promoted song, Beautiful. So, which one is your favourite member?? Mine is forever Junhyung!! Junseung pair FTW! :D


  1. hye guys, thanks for posting this up! ^^ Jaesoon? haha Junhyung oppa~ i like the name lahh haha

    anyways, just to remind u that there's a correction in the profile. it's supposed to be B2UTY instead of B2TY.

    other than that thumbs up, credits to EFFPOO4OUR ;)

  2. My bad, nur!!>__<
    kekeke.. well, tukar tukar.. x perasan..

    thank you for commenting too!!~~ ^^

  3. WOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
    thx a lot chibi bwat beast nyer profile!! actually i nak wat tp x kesampaian..hahaha...nice lohh..

    which one is my fav?? of coz laa kikwang n dongwoon..eh, what should we name the pair?? dongkwang?? pelik gler..HAHAHHA =p

  4. hahah by the way..
    taw x org mintak bwat dbsk..
    x terbuat.. XDD
    hahah.. lol.. i will la bwat..

    dongkwang?? LOL!!
    kidong x?? XDD

  5. haha..tau2..suju lg..bpk byk 13..tuh suh alia wat laa..hahahaa..
    yeahh!! wat chibi!

    HAHAHAHHA! x sdp lgsung!! kidong?? kiwoon?? dongki? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA!!!
    dongkwang laa plg comel ;)

  6. B2ST !
    junhyung's mine too ! haha XD
    *jealous ! hehe :D

  7. cute little boy...
    yoseob oopa!!!

  8. ada org mnx suju ke? smua da knal kot xyah wat :P

    my fav is doojoon~~ since the first tym i saw him. dunno why. skrg fav da bertmbh, dongwoon sgt sweet and junhyung sgt charisma and sgl XD! yoseoub comel gila, kikwang lawak gila ngan hyunseung lawa gila. ok smua gila XD

  9. wow!! doojoon ~~ i love him so much <3
    doojoon sorang je kat hati.. xdak org len dah..hehe

  10. It is a really nice profile but some data are wrong:

    Lee Kikwang is main dancer (it is said in "oh my school" he is also 170,8 or 170,6 (stated in "star radio") there is also mentin that yoseob is under 170

  11. @anon- ohh, me also thought that kikwang is the main dancer, ok, 170.6 or 170.8 cm?? hrmm, I'll add it later :)

    yoseob is under 170? I think he's 170+ coz he's taller than kikwang..

  12. I love you Beast....
    doojoon oppa saranghae..


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