09 April 2011

4minute - Mirror Mirror MV + Live Performances + 4MINUTES LEFT Album [Tracklist]

sexy Hyuna..lol :p

Recently, 4minute has just released their comeback mini album, Heart to Heart..and now they have finally released first official album, '4MINUTES LEFT'..They added 3 new songs to this album including those songs in Heart to Heart mini album :)

Cred: 4minuteofficial

I'm happy to see leader, Jihyun get many parts now..She has a good voice though and yeah, she is very beautiful! hahaah..Magnae, Sohyun looks sexy and hot! My fav till now, Gayoon is still maintains her strong vocal! so do Jiyoon! Last but not least, Hyuna..ermm, she is sexy as usual..hahahaa :p

Geoulla geoulla geoulla geoulla

Wanna see 4minute's live performances?? Go watch it under the cut 0_0

These performances were their comeback stage in Music Bank yesterday.

This kind of song suits them the best..It's not very sexy! hahaha..I like them doing cute concept like this one..heheh :)

Yes, I know, Sexy outfits! but I like their styles and song! hahahaaha..

Cred to UnknownCarrot170 @ youtube

Here's the 4Minutes Left Album track lists :))

01. 4Minutes Left
02. 거울아 거울아 (Mirror Mirror) (new)
03. Heart to Heart
04. Sweet Suga Honey!
05. 모르는 척 (Pretend)
06. You Know
07. Already Gone
08. First (Korean Ver.) (new)
09. Hide and Seek
10. 나쁘게 (Badly) (new)

Love the album too!! 4Minute jjang! CUBE is in my heart <3 hahahah

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