29 March 2011

4minute - Heart to Heart MV + Mini Album

Hye girls and guys! Remember me? alia aka flyfonix is back! keke I believe this is my first post for this year XD Jongmal mianhee...

Anyway, my top 3 girls group is back! Who's next? 4 4 4 4minute! Along side CNBLUE'S Jungshin!

Jungshin looks like Japanese to me lol The mv is cute. The girls childish revenge is definitely cute. This mv and song remind me of What A Girl Wants. You know, I think I saw lots sides of 4minute. The strong, cool side like HUH, I My Me Mine, and Superstar; the young, funky side like Muzik and Hot Issues; and the cute, bubbly side like this song. I can say I love all them all!

01 4minutes Left
02 Heart to Heart
03 Sweet Suga Honey!
04 You Know
05 모르는 척 (Pretend)

I love 4minute's songs cause I think their vibe is so me XD I just briefly listen to the mini album. So far, I think I like 02 and 05 =D What do you think?


  1. finally! alia's 1st post!!tahniah laa!! wakakaka..

    gler dowh, sume nak comeback bln ni!! orange caramel lg..bln dpn lg yg gempak2 comeback! hahahaa..persaingan byk gler..haishh XD

    haaa..ske gler lagu ni!! comel2!! tp en..jihyun sexy dowhh!! yg lain comel2 laa...maknae makin cun lak skang..hehehe..jungshin ensem! hahahah...

    love the album! 4minute jjang!!

  2. hahahaha hey yay alia. mian aku xleh post recently so i leave it to alia haha.

    actually 4minute fans dont kill me, but i dont like the song at all. this particular song made me realize without the autotunes, 4minute cannot sing even gayoon whos spose to sing so good is terrible and sohyun magnae is the okay good one.

    i do like 03 and 04 of the album plus autotuned voices i realized. but good songs. lol

    jungshin in the vid cracked me up so bad! he's so lucky hyuna is around his arms haha.


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