19 March 2011

Infinite - Nothing's Over MV + Inspirit

I'm so excited that the boys of INFINITE are back!! Shedding their dark “Before the Dawn” concept, the boys went with a playful and romantic look to coincide with the upcoming spring season..They have released Nothing's Over MV few days ago and they already made their comeback stage in music shows :)

Cred: woolliment

Sung Yeol ah!!~ Why you have such a cute looking?! He didn't had much appearance right in other Infinite's MV, I had never noticed him before this..hahaha..and he didn't sing any solo part..hrmm..as usual, only Sung Kyu, L, and Woohyun are singing in solo parts! hahaha..I just like this song! It's not as good as Before The Dawn..but I still love their cute concept..Woohyun & Hoya <3

01 Nothing's Over
02 Shot
03 Can You Smile (Remake)

Track #3 is the remake from their 1st mini album-Evolution, I love the original one but the remake is a slow version and it sounds great too! Yes, I can SMILE :) waaa, I love Infinite!!!!


  1. Awin, seriously i'm in love with Infinite.... Since BTD hehehe Gila ar hafal nama muka, pas2 lupe, hafal balik lupa. =.=! Asyik kena rujuk balik je.

    AAAA L! Sejak bila dia nyanyi banyak macam tuh??? Ok L is officially one of my favourite. He has sexy eyes huihuihui

    Sungyeol is super adorable!!!

    Ok this song is cute! Suka suka sukaaaaaa!!!

    Woohyun comel gila last2 hahahahah

    Dah tgk da yg dorg nari lagu baby+bep+g6 uh? comel gilaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa 100 kali da ulang2 haha

  2. hhahahaa..tu laa..L nyer eyes..sexy kot!! mmg tergoda laa ;p

    heeeee..yg kat star dance battle tu kan?? dah2!! sungjong jd pompoan..gedik gler..kah3..gempak laa dorang menari! yg teen top pnyer pon bez gak! ZE:A punn!! hahahaha

  3. ok selepas beberapa hari dok tgk infinite je, i officially can differentiate all of them! hahah boleh kenal muka dorg da yeay! dah hafal nama yeay!

    and L is not one of my fav, he's my no 1 MWAHAHAHHA LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLL LLLLLL nak letak nama anak L boleh? L something somenthing haha

    haha comel la sungjong jadik pompuan. gempak ar dorg nyanyi, comel gle dorg buat heart tym you want my heart, you want my love~ haha ze:a gempak gak, same markah. tapi nak infinite mng lol teen top comel nari shy boy! hahaha sumpah comel!

  4. tahniah kerana berjaya menghafal name2 diorang!!~ hahahahahaaa...

    wahhhhh! yeke???!!! bagus laaa...biar kte amik woohyun n hoya..HAHAHAHHAHA!!~

    Sungjong cantik la jd pmpoan..hahah! ha'ah! infinite cool gler nak mati!! suka2!! ze:a si kwanghee laa cacat glerr..tp suka dia gak..hehehe..teen top cute2..adek2..hahahaha :)

  5. terima kasih terima kasih. hasil titik peluh ku nak menghafal nama mereka lol

    awin sedar tak, kte, kamo ngan azra smua minat woohyun HAHAHAHHA asal eh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH sejak ble taste kte 3 same? hahahah xpe la, kte mengalah. woohyun no 2 he he he no 3 da xtaw nak pilih sape smua comel

    infinite cm seragam gle haha kwanghee penceria lol adek2 xtahan! hahahaha

  6. hahahahahhaa...eh azra ske woohyun gak ke?? laaaa...kne celebrate ni..1st time minat org yg sme..hahahha!!! untung si woohyun ni..wakakkaa...tu laa, kte mcm minat sume je infinite ni mcm beast dah! kah3...

    adek2 yg comel ;))


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