29 March 2011

U-KISS - 0330 Teaser

I have to say, U-KISS always has awesome teaser! You just have to repeat like thousand times!

The song sounds sweet, and the mv looks beautiful but sad. You just have to watch this. Though, the fact that my fav member is no longer here =.= (scream out xander name) I still can't wait for their comeback. Eli's blonde hair looks so good. Dongho looks great, main character? XD Oh and can't wait to hear how the new members sound like XD


  1. yeahhh!! u-kiss's nak comeback!! so excited!! =)

    hahahaha..true3!!! u-kiss's teasers always great! jerit2 tgk td..eli hensem gler!! dongho cool! waaahhh...but mv u-kiss slalu biase2 je en..tp xtau laa mv lagu ni mcm mne nnti...hahahhaa..can't wait!

    kte dah dgr lagu2 diorang..bleh thn gak laa..


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