30 March 2011

U-KISS - 0330 MV + Bran New Kiss Mini Album

Are you ready??? U-U-U-U-KISS~ They're finally back!

I never really like U-KISS mv before, but this one is definitely good!

Dongho has imaginary girlfriend lol! Okay yeah so apparently Dongho's girlfriend left him or died or I don't know, and he imagine that his girlfriend is still there. I don't get it until the end. I even taught that Eli is Dongho's stalker or rival or something XD Btw, Eli look sooooo freaking good. My fav now hehehe Dongho is so adorable!

The new member sings and raps! Wow. Kiseop didn't sing much tho =.= Dongho rap so cute! No need to further comment on Soohyun and Kevin. So many English words here. This is my tragic story is so lol Btw, is Soohyun really the official leader now?

Plus, I love the piano =)

The dance part is so cool! Wanna see the full dance version mv soon!

01 It's Time (Intro)
02 0330
03 내게 아픈 말은...
04 Every Day
05 I Don't Understand
06 Miracle

All the songs kinda different from their previous songs but I like it =D Thumbs up U-KISS. Love 02, 04 and 06 so far. Btw, they're coming to Malaysia again right?!


  1. waaa..sedeyh gler lagu!! yess!! mv kali ni okayh laa dr yg dlu2!! hahahahahha...xphm gak storyline dia..maybe gf dongho dah mati..dunno..lol~

    suara new member sdp gak..yg rap ngan eli un sesuai laa gak..tp still rndu laa kat xander n kibum! :'(

    hahahaha..eli handsomeeeee + hott glerrrr...rmbut wane pape un sesuai ngan dia..
    hey! eli is mine! hahahahaa =p

  2. seriously the first 2 times tgk mv i didnt understand wtf why are they being all sad around dongho. then i realized haha. *how slow am i*

    poor dongho i thk itll be more dramatic and cooler if she died lol. i thought it was sooo cute when he drew the heart and rubbed it off lol.

    i think kiseop and kevin still omo!! bullet in my heart pretty as heck lol. and soohyun is awesome i dint kno he's the new leader? but he's so awesome at singin lol.

  3. @awin - alaa share la eli. da mmg suka die stlh kte ditch die xamek cd dr die mase fanmeet thn lepas XD

    tuh la boleh thn ar suara new member. hoon ngan aj eh name? sng gle nk igt haha tp rindu gle xander ngan kibum :'(

    @azra - haha taw xpe. dongho comel gle! xpasal2 jdk no 2 aku skrg XD
    sikit gle kiseop, sedih sedih. da la ensem haha
    i think i read it somewhere haha tuh la mmg lead vocal. plus, die plg tua an? XD

  4. waaaaaa..azra un eli gak en??! sume nk share2 ni..hahahaha...

    yupp..hoon and aj!! aj ensem dowhh!! ske tgk dia..hhehehe..

    ha'ah2..soohyun plg tua..tp xtau laa dia dah jd leader ke blom..hahaha

  5. haha xla. azra kevin, kiseob, dongho. taste same ngan chibi kevin kiseob haha

    aj yg rap eh? kenape name die aj haha

    eh ade drama version ke mv nh? asal macam same je =.=

    eh dorg nak dtg snh lg an?

  6. ouhh yeah?? igt eli gak...ha'ah,lpe laa..azra kevin..terigt dlu dia bg adiah kat kevin thn lps..hahaha..

    yupp..aj yg rap!! cool gak dia..heeee ^^

    ha'ah..ade2...kte bru tgk td..tau xpe!! xde beza un!! sme je..hahhaha..sabo je laa :p

    huh?? yeke?? x sure laa..tlg laa check en..hahahaha

  7. holaa~ UKISS fans , KissMe here :P
    Yup !! Soohyun da officially jd leader diorang .
    b4 this mne ade leader dalam group ny . sume setaraf je .
    the one i louv the most is xander , the original member of ukiss .
    soo sad they've been kick out :'(

    but still not fair to kiseop .
    his part was very short~

    Im GLAD u post this thingy :D

  8. @suhaya - hey kiss me! ^^
    ooo btol la ye, bgs gak da ade leader.
    tuh la, my fav is xander too :( btol ke kena kick out? rase nye kibum yg kena kick out, xander still under the same company tp da kuar ukiss. ntah xphm =.=
    yeah i wish kiseop can sing loooonger.
    i'm glad u comment here btw XD


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