19 March 2011

ZE:A (Child Of Empire) - Here I Am MV + 1st Album Lovability

Kyaa~ Love their new styles :))

The nine boys are coming back this year with a released of their first full album named, Lovability! Having debuted in lately 2009, they had released two mini albums, Mazeltov and Leap For Detonation plus one single, Level Up..I seriously missed nine of them :( hahaha..They had transformed from strong, masculine images to a lovely and romantic handsome guys..I'm not actually like this concept..As for me, the old concepts and songs were more suit them..hehe^^ They had finally revealed MV for Here I Am..Nevertheless, they are really cute!

Cred: zea2011

Aigooo~ I can't stop looking at Kwanghee..hahaha! Love the MV too..the boys look so cute in colourful clothes! I'm trying to accept this new concept of ZE:A..hehe ^^ Heechul in pink! Waaa,lovely! and Minwoo ah?!! Since when you keep that long hair?? hahaa..whatever lah he is still cute <3

The lovable ZE:A <3

01 Intro (new)
02 Here I Am (new)
03 Again... (new)
04 Mazeltov
05 하루종일 (All Day)
06 Be My Girl (new)
07 Love Coach
08 이별드립 (Level Up)
09 New Star
10 Man 2 Man
11 Special Day (For ZE:A's) (new)
12 Here I Am (Inst.) (new)



  1. ze:a sesuai konsep ganas xtaw nape hahahaha

    oh man, i still cant recognise all of them except leader and magnae =.=

  2. hahahha..btol2!! =p

    lohhh..kwanghee xkan x knl kot?? mke dorang lain2 laa..infinite n teen top lg ssh nk knl mle2 dlu..hahahhaa..

  3. oh ya kwanghee haha lupe lak. ermm aaa xtaw sbb dorg ramai kot hahaha teen top da lupa name2 dorg hahaha 3 boleh cam, 3 xleh.... ok sdg berusaha mengenal ze:a balek XD


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