26 April 2011

CNBLUE - Love Girl MV + “First Step +1″ [Tracklist]

Hye Boice! CNBLUE has unveiled the music video for “Love Girl”, which is one of four tracks from their fan appreciation album, “First Step +1″.

Haha I wish CNBLUE came out from my poster too! And perform live in my house lol The mv and the song is cute! L-O-V-E girl~

01 Love Girl
02 Try Again, Smile Again
03 Don't Say Good Bye
04 그래요

Love Girl is actually from their First Step album too, right?


  1. HAHAHAHH..nk jugak poster cn blue!! :)

    yupp!! love girl dr first step album..hahaha..ske gler lagu ni!! comel laa diorang dlm mv ni! pompoan mat saleh tuhh..hahahaha..jeles2 :p

    ouhh...yg #2-#4 pun dr japan mini album re-maintenance..tukar ke korean je..hahaha..igt de lagu bru lg..hekhek..yg lagu #4 jonghyun solo!! awww~ best2!! hahahaa..

  2. ehh...girl dlm mv love nie name pe ?? cantek btol die tuh...sape2 yg thu..tlg bg tau name die..plezzzz...:(


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